Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday SNAGS


I've spent a lot of time this weekend in the Paint Shop.  Nothing was appealing to me for a week or so.  I deleted many things before they were halfway done.  Inspiration set in again plus a need to unwind.

I'm just shaking my head at the sunporch here.  It was empty but not is loaded with furniture and things...ok....three months of this....ugh.  The rooms aren't put together just yet but I have a brand new dresser in my room...yay! 

The bed situation is hanging in limbo for the time being.  Two tv's are at Goodwill with one more to go this week.

I wanted to mention that Bea of  Wanderer mentioned this journal along with D and Shelly's for her favorite graphics.  Tickled me pink to be put in the league of those two or at least close to it.

She was mentioning favorite journals to read.  I have so many.  I have far more readers in this journal than my personal one.  I have met so many new people through this journal.  I love all types of journals and feel that many have become friends and know their families as if we have met.

My intent when I started this journal was to provide graphics and tags to others to brighten their journals.  Before I started making them, I had a terrible time scrounging for things I wanted to use.

Funny that Bea mentioned Shelly and Donna.  Shelly got me started with PSP and sent me the program plus tutored me...ugh.  How hard it was at first just to add a tube or image to a background.  D has been very instrumental in my progress along the way.  Hugs to both!

So, whether you leave a comment or just pass through and find something you like, that's ok with me.  This is a hobby that provides relaxation for me.  That others are finding pleasure from my hobby is a huge plus.

Have a great Sunday!  HUGS  Chris



lisa41076 said...

Chris, have a great Sunday, I'm thankful I met you , Hugs Lisa

lanurseprn said...

I've always enjoyed your graphic creations. But, most of all I've enjoyed getting to know you.

ktkamanski said...

I have found that your graphics, as well as D's and Shellys truly show the hard work and talent that all of you put into making everyone smile.  I love all the graphic and appreciate the work that goes into them - Have a wonderful week ahead :o)

sugarsweet056 said...

I love your graphics, you do awesome work. But you are also a wonderful lady & friend (hope I can call you friend, tho we have never met) you've been so helpful to me, TY!

astoriasand said...

You will be sorted soon Chris good to here you sounding happy with the new dresser anyways LOL!! I find much pleasure in your journal Chris and I get much pleasure too in reading the wonderful comments you have given me in mine.Many of your beautiful graphics have brightened my journal thats for sure.Your comments are always so uplifting.Keep up the good work I love it.You are a Star at graphics.I love the top one here.Take Care God Bless.Have a lovely Sunday idf posssinble LOL!! Kath

blazensun said...

Chris I enjoy reading your journal and love the graphics you make. I want to learn how to make tags but don't have PSP to do it. You do such great work. This is the first comment I think I have made it here. I will be back to make more.


penniepooh said...

Hi Chris, This tag journal has turned into more than you ever thought it would! I remember when you started it and now look at you - up there in the big leagues! :)
LOL to all the furniture on your sunporch. Isn`t college break fun??
Love you tons xo

queeniemart said...

Since i find myself utterly unlovable i will often say "you gotta love me" to others so take off some of the edge. I love your have a gift. But then again you are such a wonderful PERSON. You are such a close friend of mine. Always know that!

jckfrstross said...

you my friend are amazing:) thank you for taking the time to show me how to put these great tags into my journal. i remember being so scared lol. have a good week


seraphoflove9001 said...

P.S. Thank you...I snagged! :o)

seraphoflove9001 said...

Just like in everyone else...I LOVE yours too! :o) ddduuuhhh! lol ;o) I love them all! Each of them are so unique, and thats what I love! :o) You're good...! :o)

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))I love reading your journal and I love your graffics,they are always so beatiful.I have met alot of people through J-land,I love you all.I would feel so alone,if it werent for all of you guys.Have a nice week ahead.

kalekinileilani said...

Sally please on  both ..just do not know how to say thank you for all your kindness Sally

bgilmore725 said...

Thank you for giving me a little history on your beginnings here... I didn't know of your relationship with D and Shelly... but there you go... great graphics creators will eventually find each other. We, those who don't create graphics, benefit from your experiments and explorations in this area... I remember when I first saw them in others' journals, I figured the journalers must be subscribing to some graphics website where they pay for them... I was so surprised when one of you said I could just have it... just copy it and it's mine. I had been going around the internet finding things I liked that other people had snagged, and I'd be emailing them asking for permission to use their graphic... little did I know. Truly, these past two years have been filled with discovering new areas related to keeping a public journal. It all appeals to my need to illustrate what I write, if not in self-drawn pictures, then in photographs. You should see my paper journals, all of them illustrated with calligraphy, drawings, photographs I've taken, pictures I've cut out of magazines... I called it visual journaling. Perhaps some day I will be able to create my own graphics... I wouldn't be surprised. What keeps me from doing it is the time factor... am I correct in my understanding that it takes great amounts of time to do graphics with motion like y'all do? I love it!


preciousone25 said...

I don't always leave comments, but wanted you to know that I DO always LOVE your graphics!!  Thank you so much for all of them!!


queenb8261 said...

I love the fae princesses.  Reminds me of the little girls.  Thanks so much for sharing. You know how much I love your stuff? SOOO much.  
I can sympathize with your house being turned upside down.  Sigh.  Anyway, thanks again for sharing.
Love ya, Barb

eyesbaerle said...

Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I am a huge fan of yours! I love your creations and I envy you for being able to do such beautiful things.
Love the fairy one......  simply beautiful! Hugs, Maria

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I snagged the teddy bear graphic...I loveee me some teddies!
Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us
are so talented... I love reading your main journal as well....
You keep me entertained =)

gehi6 said...

I am afraid my boot stompin' days are over, altough me and my sister used to go out looking for places to dance, but it got so I would have to spend the rest of the night wondering if I was going to the other side, so that finally slowed me down.  Same with sex with rowdy men that used to happen more often than it does now.  Paula said she used to line dance two or three times a week before the malls opened and go out dancing at least once a week at night, and she met John at a dance and now he won't dance!  Isn't that just like them?  Doc could be a wonderful dancer.  Same thing there.  It's hard to watch it all the time and not do it.  Not good for the body either.  I don't know I might have to come back and snap that graphic.  I can hardly resist  As soon as I thnk up an entry to go with it.  Gerry

jmoqueen said...

I love your graphics and I think it's great that all the graphic makers help each other out.  J-land is very supportive and friendly.


xxroxymamaxx said...

Awww...Chris...don't know why it took me so long to see this.  Thanks for the kind words.  You know I love ya! : )  Shell

springangel235 said...

Your tags are awesome...all have a story, all have beauty.  So many great people, as yourself doing tags...lovely.  Hope you have a great week ahead, hugs and love,

bellabellas6 said...