Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day/SNAGS ONLY

Happy Mother's Day!  Today is the USA's mom's day. 

I want to apologize for not being around.  I've been in a dark spot (not as black as it was years ago) but nonetheless a place I'm not used to being in anymore.  I'm slowly working my way, or crawling my way out of it.  I will be ok.  Bless all of you who have e-mailed me and left me comments.  I have some who have asked me various questions and requested a couple of tags.  I promise you will get the tags and the answers to your questions today.

Wow, I could write a book.  Megan has a new internship with another large company here but there's that darned background check again.  3 more weeks and counting for expungement.  Joey is going to go through Pa voc rehab for heating and AC.  He is having some problems with a course he withdrew from and retook years ago.  Pa. is weird with financial aid.  They say he needs to make these two credits up out of pocket before aid and loans kick in.  He's working this summer and really can't focus on a school course.  We will work this out.  There is a one time appeal process so either mama will roar or his counselor can help.

Me...well, I'm still persevering.  I think I was much happier when I had nicotine pumping through my veins, at least mood wise.  It will be one year on May 29th although I still take a few puffs once a week or so when I'm out with BF having a few drinks.

We (me and my three) are taking my mom to all places today....Denny's.  That was her choice.  My gift for brother gave her an old 19 inch tv a while ago.  It's lost it's color.  I'm not sure if you all remember that we had 6 tv's floating around here.  Two are gone.  We are giving my mom the 25" Magnavox and the 27" Magnavox is now in my/Megan's room.  I know she will love it.  It's bigger and actually has color that works plus the 27" was just sitting here calling my name for the bedroom. BF bought me a new cell phone.  Mine got crunched in between the recliner and the LED screen was cracked and leaking.  I was due for an upgrade.  Of course, thisis torture for me because I'm indecisive.  I ordered a pink Razor.  Joey said that was a bad choice because he has a silver one and the battery barely makes it through the day.  He rarely uses his so I would have hated the battery time.  I wanted a Blackberry but didn't have the huge web access fee Verizon charges plus it just darned confused the crap out of me when I messed around with it.  My son picked this one out....LOVE IT!!!!!  It's an LG ENV and is comparable to the Sidekick.  Megan wants me to text her all the time instead of calling.  Yowza, this is too easy with the keyboard.  I have free web access for a month but I really haven't used it that much.  It has Tetris and Pacman on it.  Love Tetris.  Funny thing was I didn't know it opened up into a keyboard.  Joey came up the next day and showed me.  I fell in love with it plus the camera is 2 megapixels and takes a pretty decent picture.



I haven't make any tags for quite a while.  I messed around in PSP yesterday.  Boy, am I rusty.  I'm hoping to get back into my addicition again.

Oh and Megan has been staying here for the most part to save money.  She still pays her rent but it is cheaper to live here.  I paid her Pa. wage tax so in turn she cleaned the house.  Boy, what a blessing that was to walk in the door and see a neat, tidy house.  Her brakes and rotors on her car are bad.  It's in Pittsburgh.  Her dad actually bought the parts and is supposed to fix it tomorrow.

Ok, this is long enough.  I am working my way around and catching up.  Sorry, I've missed so many of you.  Love you all!!!!!!  (BTW:  I was very saddened to see Guido may be gone from JLand.  What a rock he is to us all.  And, Lisa, Lisa's Place of Thoughts and Ramblings, which is private, father passed this week.  Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.)