Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lavender Basket/snag~tag


A huge thank you to Shelly, RoxyMama, who designed the background on this tag.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pretty Goth Siggy/tag

LOL...I have other things on the backburner besides wild-eyed children. 

Big Eyes/snag~tag~toss it in the recycle bin

This poor child has had more face lifts than Joan Rivers...lol.  The eyes were/are a nightmare.  The shading was awful to do and I couldn't get them outlined properly.  My Paint Shop is totally acting up.  I'm ready to reinstall it.  My clone brush to color in the eyes is out of whack.  Whine, whine, whine.....

I'm still not thrilled with the eyes on the child; the kitty's were far easier.  I still am determined to perfect this one but this is attempt #5, 6???

FYI...I just heard through my PSP group that AOL has perfected the means of savings gifs through e-mail.  You simply save it to bmp and the .gif automatically is added.  I've tried it, and it actually works....Whoo hoo....


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Birthday Bash through J-Land



I'm not sure if all of you remember the Trick or Treat through J-Land or Christmas Caroling through J-Land but the newest trip is going to be a "birthday bash" through J-Land to coincide with the J-Land memories entries that Krissy came up with.

Starting tomorrow, decorate your journals and post your entries for the 3 year birthday celebration.  Your J-Land memories can also be a part of this entry.  Be creative.  You can title it any way you would like.  LOL...I'm sure we will all be able to tell if it's a birthday entry.  Make your journey through J-Land through out the day and evening tomorrow. As you find a journal that is decorated for the celebration, wish J-Land a Happy Birthday and leave your link to your journal.  Visit as many journals as you possibly can. 

These trips have always been a huge success.  It's a wonderful way to meet new friends and continue the awesome community tradition of J-Land.

If you want, copy and paste this entry into your journal to spread the news as this is a last minute brainstorm.....HUGS TO ALL 


(Sorry to those of you who are reading this twice.)


AOL Anniversary Update


The anniversary events are in full swing.  Don't forget to set your clocks for 8 pm tonight to attend the Red Carpet event.  Here's the link to clicky to enter the chat.......Special Interests - Journals Cafe

You can also clicky on Viv's journal for the most recent updates .3rd Anniversary - AOL Journals1

And what is this I'm hearing about the worst and best dressed on the Red Carpet...lol?  Well, I'm voting Shelly as most unique in her cute little cowgirl number, boots, hat and all...showing up in a matching pink Hummer limo....oy vay....XX Roxy Mama XXcowgirl (scroll down one entry to see it)

Make sure you see Raining Photos in Viv's journal.  There is still time to submit some.  Viv twisted my arm, so you're gonna see my mug a few times.  You don't have to send a picture...you can send your favorite siggy tag.  And you still have today to do it....It's Raining Photos...

Viv has the whole listing of events and links to everything.  3rd Anniversary - AOL Journals1  Her link again.  Stop by and say hello to Viv, she's a sweetie.

And if you haven't heard Stevie singing, you are missing a rising talent...well worth the time it takes to load.......This and that, and hockey!

So, get your entries ready for tomorrow Announcing a J-Land Activity: My Past Year in J-Land along with all your celebration tags.  Let's get this party started.

      Thanks to my dear friend, Lisa Jo, Damaged Goods for snagging this tag and sending it to me.  So fitting for the wonderful, supportive J-Land family.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fae Moon Siggy or Snag


Do I have a life...lol...NAH

Soul Feeding/snag~tag

I had some requests to do some vintage type ladies and flowers to I gave it a shot.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Good Morning

Lovely morning to all of you.  TGIF!  Can't start my day without that pot of coffee.

Snag it, I'll tag it or just enjoy.  I was experimenting.  Too busy? As always, let me know what ya think coz I'm not sure what I think of it.... HUGS  Chris

LOL...I'm editing it already...the "good" is not centered properly....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elusive Moon/snag~tag



LOL...as usual, I can't make up my mind.  So, you get to see both of them.

Stop by Dianna's Just Taggin' Along And Back Talkin' (the name is different, the link is the same, Sazzy's Kreations) and gaze upon her lovely memorial entry for Pam.

Fly with the Angels/snag~tag

Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Celebration Stuff


The celebration stuff is continuing.  There is a cyber chat party scheduled for next Sunday evening. Thanks, D, for the beautiful tag!

Clicky on Kathy's link and go cyber shopping for the perfect outfit to wear.  Time to feel like a princess!!!!

The official 3 year Anniversary site is up and running.  Check it out...really pretty.  Lots of time and energy went into its creation.  Thanks Viv.  3rd Anniversary - AOL Journals1

Sugar has her pet memorial journal up and running...make sure to go and visit.  CELEBRATING 3 YRS OF J-LAND with OUR BELOVED PETS

Krissy has an activity she would like for everyone to join in for!  Go to her journal to check it out.  Announcing a J-Land Activity: My Past Year in J-Land  She would love for everyone to post their entries on August 21st.  So go read what it is all about!!!

And don't forget to add your entries to Shelly's quilt and send a picture to Stevie for the video.  His deadline is tomorrow.  I believe Shelly's is Friday.

Love/hate AOL or somewhere in between...J-Land is about us.  We are J-Land and can choose to make it as much as we want it to be.

Piano Angel/snag~tag

I'm pulling a Dianna today.  My creative juices don't want to flow anymore.  The second one is too busy so I redid it.  It says it's a piano angel but it looks more like a fairy to me.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The Cake has Arrived

Vivian needed a cake for the celebration.  Nwanyioma's Journal

Of course, I am far from the best "baker" in the bunch but the pickins were slim so if you want some cake to go along with the Anniversary/birthday celebration, feel free to snag.

For those on diets, I've resized it a couple of times.  You may not realize but only so much resizing can be done before the original is totally distorted and dummy me didn't save the blank.


(PS:  I made a mistake on Sugar's pet memorial.  It is a memorial for those who have lost their dear pets during the past 3 years, not the past year, as I had stated)

I also found out that Stevie 'J~Land' 3rd Anniversary tribute video has offered to put together a video of pictures of J-Landers sent to him.  Click on the link for more info.

Whoops...one more edit...Shelly, Roxymama, is making another gorgeous quilt...a memorial quilt for those who have lost loved ones....clicky on her link for more info....XX Roxy Mama XX

Sunday, August 6, 2006

AOL Anniversary Contest


Let the festivities begin.  If you haven't been over to D's journal This and that, and hockey!, you need to pay a visit.  She has created a lovely lighthouse sidebar and also a larger tag that is going to be the official  commemorative symbol for the anniversary and available on Aug. 21st for all of us to use. 

We are all invited and encouraged to enter the contest.  Our job is to come up with the words used on the graphics.  Here is the link to use  contest.  So, put on your thinking caps and go add your "two cents."



Our dear Sugar is also playing a part in the festivities with a memorial page to all those who have lost pets over the past 3 years.  If you've lost a beloved pet or know someone who has, drop by and leave Sugar the info.  Sugar's Pet Memorial  

If you're interested in keeping up with all the things going on during the celebration, here's the link for that.   Technorati Tag: Aol Journals Anniversary

Saturday, August 5, 2006

AOL Anniversary & Breezin/snag~tag

J-Land has an anniversary......3 years.  I used one of D's great tags in my regular journal.  (Thanks, D, for your beautiful gifts!!!!)  A Day in the Life  I've linked D and made an entry in my regular journal.

What was I doing one year ago...not even thinking at all about journals.  I was still using a 7 year old HP dinosaur and couldn't have downloaded PSP let alone use it.  My monitor on my old computer had lost most of it colors besides yellow, blue and black.  LOL...lovely. 

I started my journal on October 5 last year and bought my new computer on October 10.   I began exploring the world of animated graphics once I mastered uploading.  Believe you me, that was at least a two week struggle to learn.

Then along came Shelly, Roxymama, offering to send me PSP 7 so I could make my own stuff in December.  Oh joy...lol...was I in for a shock.  PSP is an addiciton and a struggle, at times.  I seem to screw up my toolbars every time I try a tut (tutorial).  I think more tags hit the recycling bin than anyone (besides those who dabble in PSP) can imagine.

Out of curiosity this past week, I downloaded a free trial of PSPX...not bad but it doesn't correlate with the Animation Shop so I'm glad I didn't buy it.

Thanks for encouraging me.  Thanks to D and Shelly, Angela and Gwen in my PSP group for the enornmous patience and help you've provided me.  And thanks to Diama/Cherry for the optimatization wizard introduction.  ROFL....is it time to take a bow??????

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Sharing Blinkies for Snag

I just want to emphasize that I didn't make the blinkie's.  All I did was add to a blank blinkie that we were given in my PSP group.  We made creations from the blank provided which is the easiest part of it.  I'm not sure who made the blank but don't want to take credit for something I didn't do......