Sunday, November 25, 2007



Brrrrrr...we've had some snow the last couple of nights.  Not a lot but the temps have been downright cold.  Tomorrow it will be in the 50's again.

Megan had a great time in San Diego.  We went to my brother's house on Thanksgiving.  I made Megan's turkey and stuffing, as usual, but all in all, it wasn't that bad of a day. 

Megan left to go back to school tonight.  I can' t say I'm totally sad.  She is just so full of energy, emotion, etc.  She's tiring to this old  I have some pictures from Thanksgiving.  I need her to send them to me.  She didn't have her cable to transfer them here.  Anyway, I seriously need to lose some weight.   I was looking at pictures from the past two years of myself and what a difference...ugh.  Not sure how I'm gonna do it but I will.


I'm just putting in some snags as I go along.  Once again, AOL disappeared from my computer.  When I went to the AOL downloads, my only choice was 9.1.  Oy, I hate new things.  I had no intentions of downloading 9.1.  I was actually quite satisfied with VR.  My computer seems to freeze  a lot with 9.1 plus my downloads aren't working right and the Paint Shop is acting up.  I noticed my animations in my journal go fast and then slow; sort of on the spastic side.  Do they look normal to you?  I'm not even sure how this snow is going to show up.  It may just be a coincidence that this all started after the new download.

This last graphic is a SNAG or TAG.  Glad you all had such nice Thanksgivings.  I planned to put my tree up today which started the live vs. artificial debate once again.  We are going artificial because Mom had no volunteers.  Have a great week to come.  LOL....Nov 25th means one month exactly until Christmas.


                                    AND NOW




                            YOU'VE ALL BEEN



SNOWBALLED ONLINE....Join in on the snowball battle.


I saw this in Tracy Latte'Dah and then Bea's Beas's Wanderer.  I had to laugh and join in......

HUGS  Chris




Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall Dreams/SNAG or TAG



Oh snap, I looked up and saw that white crap by her mouth and wondered what the heck I did.  I went back and looked.  It is part of the fall leaves shining through her transparency.  I'm tempted to redo it but, of course, I'm lazy.  I loved this window so I used it again.  

Off to get my hair cut and colored.  Have a good one!!!!  HUGS  Chris


Thanksgiving SNAGS





Tuesday, November 13, 2007








Here ya go....these are the latest.  Not my best but I'm in a rut creatively speaking.  No chatter today from me.  I updated my lonely "Day in the Life" journal.  Have a good one!

Seasonal SNAGS


I've had these hanging around for a while.  Autumn is swiftly passing so I made my first winter tag.  I did it a while ago and almost deleted it.