Sunday, July 8, 2007


A huge hello to one and all.  I'm just overwhelmed at all of you.  So many have kept in touch and showed so much concern and support.  I feel bad yet extremely blessed.  I've actually been dabbling in my Paint Shop again...whoo hoo....although I still have doubts that I like the stuff I've done.  Anyway, I love these little pixels thingies so snag away.  I don't think there's room to tag them so they are just snags.






On Tues, it will be 6 weeks of being smoke free.  The journey has been incredibly rough for me.  I still have a long way to go.  I did find a wonderful book online at work called "Forever Free."  Work was slow after the holiday, and the govt. has some awesome smoking cessation sites for us to access.  Anyway, I have kicked the nicotine withdrawal.  Now, it's the psychological stuff that triggers strong nicotine memories which cause cravings, like my computer, which I'm slowly beating.  I still have a problem when I'm out with my BF.  A couple of drinks at a smoky bar is a hard one.  I'm thinking it's a blessing he has been working most of the time, at least for now.

The 4th was a quiet one.  The weather was total yuck.  My BFwas working and Megan was floating on a boat in the river.  Joey and I had ribs.  I watched the fireworks on tv because I'm a wuss and don't like the booms but did see some from the yard.

Today it will be 90 so it will be a pool day and something on the grill for dinner.  Sort of a blah summer but so many changes.

Keep Missie Missie's Upside Down World in your prayers.  Her brother has pneumonia and is not doing well.  He could use lots of JLand prayers right now.

I'll be around to visit...things are getting back to normal.




If anybody wants the little purple sneaks siggy, leave a comment, and I'll do one for ya.....