Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Has Sprung SNAGS




Happy Birthday, Becky & Happy Easter/SNAG or TAG

Today was our family Easter celebration plus Becky's birthday party.  March 31st, 27 years ago, I was giving birth.  I wish I had a scanner here.  Becky was the most gorgeous newborn.  She was the easiest labor....45 min.  Her dad was parking the car.  I had toxemia and was bedridden.  The Lord knew that child needed to be born quickly.

We went to my mom's today.  She made her infamous roast beef and refused all offers of help witht the cooking.  She is looking super and feeling very well.  I can't believe she will be 89 this year. Megan was thrilled because grandma made her gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I'm finally back to normal also.  Last week was awful.  I struggled through work and came home to crash. 

Today was a pretty nice day....52 and sunny.  I'll take that.  My BF didn't have to work so he went also.  It was a super nice afternoon.  My brother behaved.  I knew he would because my BF for some reason intimidates him.

I took a few pictures.  LOL...I tried to sneak one of Joey in but he's too good at hiding.  I'm not sure if I mentioned that he passed the steamfitter's test and has an interview on April 9th.  We'd appreciate all the prayers, good thoughts, etc. that you can offer.  Megan doesn't have her appt. until April 15th so that's on my mind.

I have a few more tags to post.  I've been sort of getting into the Paint Shop again.  Hugs n Love to all!





Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!


Happy Easter one and all!  I just wanted to stop in and wish you all a wonderful day.  I recycled the top tag from last year.

I've been battling strep this week, and my mother is still not up to par.  We found out she wasn't doing her breathing treatments because she read that a side effect could be heart problems so our Easter celebration has been postponed until we are feeling better.

My three are at their other grandma's going to church and then eating.

I'm using some tags that I didn't make below.  I usually don't do that but Lisa Jo sent me this last year.  It's so darned cute:


Hope all of you have a wonderful day.  The sun is shining here but the temperature is in the teens.  Still nice to see some sun and hearing the birds singing. 

HUGS N LOVE to ALL!!!!!!


                    Chocolate Cherried Creations

Diama/Cherry made me the above tag.  Isn't it just adorable? 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Animations and Little Pixels/SNAG ONLY

LOL....I'm bombarding but this is it.  I didn't get much done for Easter this year.










Easter Snag or Tag



Thinking Spring/SNAG or TAG


LOL...It may be Palm Sunday and Easter may be next week, and I may be thinking spring but western Pa. isn't on the same line of thought.  Not that it's awful but just dreary.  40's and cloudy.  20 at night...brrr.  No sign of green grass or anything sprouting yet.

It was a busy week.  Meg is in South Beach.  She called from Ft. Lauderdale on Thurs.  They were waiting for the town car to pick them up and transport them to South Beach.  I'm supposing you need to arrive in proper fasion in South Beach. has to wonder what's wrong with this  Like where is my "vacay"?  She called yesterday and had gotten really burnt which is unusual.  She was using 15 and has never burnt in her life.  She's been tropical before.  Oh well....she did have to send me photos of the beach and sun on her cell phone...grrrr.

Joey passed his union test and has an interview on April 9th.  Good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated as I know he gets interview jitters very badly and would love to get this job.  He's been working on it for over a year now.

My mom is doing much better.  She still looks pretty exhausted but has improved drastically.  She is asking her doctor Tues if she can do an Easter dinner.  I'm trying my best to have her postpone it for a week or two.  Megan will be back and wants her and I to go and cook dinner at my mother's.  I still think that's far too much commotion right now. 

Grizzly's hepatic profile came back better than last year's so keeping my fingers crossed.  He seems to be hopping around like a pup today but tomorrow he could be hobbling again.

If you get a chance, please stop by Bea's Wanderer A very sad day.  Her Max got sick  just yesterday and was gone by afternoon.  As expected, she is in shock and devastated.

That's about it for now.  Enjoy your Sunday!

HUGS  Chris


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Snippets and SNAGS

    thinks someone better let the weatherman know that Easter is approaching albeit very early but nonetheless it will be here in two weeks.  Really, though, I checked my archives and Easter was late April last year.  Guess what....we had snow that day. 

We were very lucky for once in sw Pa.  Predictions were that the snow that pummeled Ohio was on it's way.  How in the world we ended up with about 6 inches is beyond me but I'm thankful.  The worst was the ice yesterday morning.  It was the first time ever that Grizzly almost fell.  BTW:  I missed my boy's birthday on Thurs.  My Grizzly turned 11.  He needs to get a full liver profile done on Tues.  I'm sort of nervous because he really needs the Rimadyl to keep him moving. 

Anyway, we never have spring here.  It's cold and dreary and then one day in early June, we usually wake up to 90 degree weather.

Megan's ATM card came Thurs.  She braved the weather and drove me home from work on joy.  Luckily, it hadn't frozen yet.  She needed to buy some attire that she felt was appropriate for South Beach.  We all ate out and then off she flew or drove back to Pittsburgh beating the bad weather.

Please keep my mother in your thoughts.  She was so ill.  Joey and I stopped the other day.  He took her to the ER.  (dang my brother once again)  She had severe bronchitis.  She had been on antibiotic for a week with no good results.  She was given a breathing treatment and a different antibiotic.  I need to check on her today to see if she is improving.

I've been home all weekend playing in PSP so I'm going to be posting some things.  I'll be bombarding you.

Happy Sunday....think Spring!   The little dangler siggy is available for tagging so you know the drill....leave me a comment.  Also, if any of you didn't get your tags from my previous entry, please let me know.  This old mind need a reminder occasionally. 


Monday, March 3, 2008

Snag or Tag and Random Thoughts


I was just thinking today, which is probably a dangerous thing, but St. Patty's Day is March 17th.  Less than a week later is Easter. haven't even made one Easter tag this year yet.  And then it's time to change the side bar.  All within a week.   Weird.  Plus, we're expecting tons of rain tomorrow which should make navigating lovely.

Even more strange is that today was 70 degrees; lovely but eerie with a foot of snow still laying around and melting in various stages leaving huge ice patches.

I met Megan for lunch today.  We got salads and decided to eat in a park.  It's actually a plaza or square which means it's all concrete.  70 degrees and concrete covered totally with ice and ruts.  Megan was flipping along in 3 in. stilletto's while Mom was hanging on to every marble planter with my boots with a huge tread on them trying not to hit the ground.  I'm still cracking up at the sight I was presenting.  I'm in awe at how that child walks in those spiked heels, let alone on ice.

The child is going to South Beach on spring break next week....blah.  Her ATM card expired.  Her new one hadn't arrived so we were at the bank ordering a new one.  She leaves next Thurs.  Son of a gun if the darned card wasn't mixed in with my bills.  I opened it a month ago, was going to give it to her, and totally forgot about it; I mean TOTALLY never remembered it was here.  They deactivated it today when the new one was ordered so now she's spitting nails waiting for the new one and hoping it gets here by next week.

I still haven't gotten my taxes done.  I have everything together for my BF but hate to begin to think about them because one of these years I am going to owe.  Plus in Pa., we pay wage tax to our townships, boro's, cities, etc.  Mine is 1% of my income and not deducted from my income so I'm hoping to at least get close to enough to pay the wage tax.  Oy....I have to bite the bullet very soon.

Happy Monday :)  HUGS  Chris


Saturday, March 1, 2008

St. Patty's Day SNAG ONLY

Thanks for all your prayers.  The young one is going to wait and see how the second test comes out before we start to worry.  That will be at the end of March.  No sense in fussing until we need to.

The snow continues to fall.  That isn't unusual for western Pa. but still is a pain.  There must be a foot on the ground.  We get 3-5 inches every night.  We got about 6 inches more yesterday during the day.  It took 2 hrs to get home from work.  Today....whoo snow.  It's going to be a long March.

I still have to get the last tags done.  I'm so slow.  I'm making my way around to the journals.  I needed to reset my alerts.  LOL...boring again and that's good.