Monday, April 21, 2008

Peaks and Valleys/SNAGS ONLY


I'm crawling out of my cave once again and rejoining the real world.  I know many are having peaks and valleys this year in JLand.  I can't say I have terrible things happening; just some stressful things.  Most or all concern my children.  Honestly, as a mother, I feel huge elation when they are happy and the deepest pain when they stumble or fall.

Last week was a week of both elation and pain.  It started on Tues, tax day.  No problem.  Taxes are done; my federal is in the bank already (hunh? lol), and the FAFSA is done.  My young one called and had some bad news about her tests and would probably need a LEEP procedure which consists of hooking an electrode to her leg and then zapping out the bad cells.  She had a more thorough biopsy done.

No sooner did I get off the phone with her then Joe called and got his "thanks but no thanks" letter from the Steamfitters.  His asthma came up during the interview.  I really think his not being chosen had nothing to do with his interview but the fact that welding and asthma do not mix.  Asthma is an occupational hazard of welding.  But, I can't, for the life of me help him see that.  He sees failure and stupidity, once again, which he most definitely is neither.  He feels that I think he is a burden.  Not so.  When I had my three, they didn't come with an expiration date.

I crawled in my hole and persevered.  It's hard to be gone for 11 hours every day; super hard as I get older.  We actually thought we might get compressed work schedules in my division and were picking our schedules.  Didn't happen because we only have one supervisor, our division chief.  A supervisor has to be in the division for all schedules.  I can't say I blame ours for not wanting to be there 10 hrs every day; five days a week. It was a nice thought, though, for a day or two.

Friday came....a peak.  Megan was at work and texted me.  Her further testing came back the same as it has been.  She is fine for six months again.  Elation!  She went to Quiznos and picked up two salads.  We ate at my work because nobody was around to watch the office at lunch.  As soon as she got back to work, she texted me that she got the "boot."  She has two more weeks left on her internship and then she will be unemployed :(  UGH!  But this is how the world of big finance works.  Nothing is guaranteed from day to day.  I was shocked.  And now, I have to wonder how in the world those college loans will get paid back in such a chaotic career.

I'm sure that God has something in store for both my young ones.  Joey has lost faith.  That worries me.  I haven't, though, so I continue to pray for all three.

I took a day of vacation today.  I build up 2 a month and don't use a whole week of vacation ever anymore.  I had some viral thingie over the weekend with a headache and throwing up.  I'm recharging my batteries today.

So, I'm asking for prayers, good thoughts, etc. to be sent for Meg and Joe. 

Here are a couple more snags.  I'd tag them but don't see where I could fit a name, and I'm lazy.  I have a few more that are sitting on my hard drive that I'll add later.   Hugs N Love   CHRIS



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello Everyone/Snags or Tags


Wow, I can't believe I haven't made an entry since the end of March.  I've just been super tired.  It took me so long to get over that strep I had and the exhaustion but my throat is getting sore again....ugh.

Anyway, I tried to keep up with the alerts but just didn't have the energy or motivation to make a tag or write a word.  I'd open this journal and just stare at it.  I haven't made a tag in a while.  The one above was from a tube of the day challenge in one of my groups from a few weeks ago.  I guess I sort of feel that way.  I know when I made it I had my strep throat.

We had some gorgeous weather but back to icey sleet today which is typical for western Pennsylvania right now.  The forsythia is just starting to bloom which is really slow this year.  A couple of hyacinths finally popped through; darned groundhog was right about this area.

I got our federal taxes sent in.  The state is done but not mailed.  Our local boroughs, towns, etc. in Pa. charge a wage tax also (right  Mine isn't taken out of my pay, nor are the kids so that will get mailed on the 15th because that is a pretty good sum.  Only thing is I haven't even started that form yet.  Wini, I will be doing that meme that you tagged me with very soon.  My biggest bad habit is procrastination.  Right now is taxes and the darned FAFSA for Megan for student aid.  She still has a few more credits to finish next fall.  I absolutely hate that form.   I do her student version plus my parent version because of all the tax info which she wouldn't have a clue about.  It has to be renewed online. I'm so nervous about it this year because of all things AOL 9.1's browser isn't supported so I don't know if it will work.  Why I wait until the last minute is beyond me.  It has to be done before May 1st in Pennsylvania.  I may have to reinstall 9.0 VR that someone graciously sent me.  So, right now I feel a bit cruddy again plus I'm worried about the darned FAFSAcrap.  I can't do anything without Megan's pin number.  She needs to send it to me but is on campus tonight.

LOL...If I would only organize myself and quit letting things go until the last minute, life would be so much easier. 

Well, I'm off to pull the winter things out again since it will be cold here all week.

Here are a couple more snags or tags below.  Again, they were done a few weeks ago.  Hugs to all....muah!!!