Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blah/TAG or SNAG


Weird how the tide can change so very quickly.  Boring and blase can vanish with the blink of an eye.  This journal which was my private journal of sorts is no longer so I have to say what I want without really saying anything.

My one child does not want mentioned for many reasons; one being I'm public and the internet is a free for all.  Many of you recall some health problems that arose  with one of my children last year.  Miracles happened and all appeared under control.  Not so anymore.  Funny, how the wording in a text message can stop your heart.  An invitation for lunch but using totally different wording.  So, once again, I'm beseeching all to pray for my child, even if you really have no clue what it's about.

The weather is awful again.  So much snow and now rain and ice.  I managed, barely, to get to work Friday.  Today, I just didn't have the heart or the fortitude to battle the elements.  I'm waiting for one  more phone call. 

I surely would take boring any old day.


The one below is also Snaggable or taggable.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Thoughts


LOL...yep, it's me with happy thoughts.  I was acting so childish when my BF was really ill with that nasty flu bug so all is well. 

The weather here is atrocious or has been.  Today is fairly warm (40's maybe) and sunny but the snow and ice have been falling all week.  Western Pa. has a while to go for spring to get here.  Oh, by the way, the above tag is a SNAG or TAG.  I have a bunch of tags to add.  I've been messing around with PSP more so than I had been so I'll probably be adding at least one more entry.

Not a whole lot is going on around here.  Megan was home for a day last weekend.  Oy, what a challenge she can be.  Joey is getting ready to take the steam fitter's test again.  It's super hard so we're saying our prayers.  Becky is doing well and in school still.

I'm working my way around to the journals.  I think my alerts are screwed up because I see some entries I never was alerted to.  I still have some siggies to make.  I didn't forget.

If I've missed your journal, let me know, because I have to have missed some.

I have a roasting chicken in the oven that smells so good.  I'm starving.  ROFL...I can't believe that my life has become such a bore, which is good, I think.  Anyway, have a wonderful Sunday!

HUGS  Chris  




Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blinkie Mania/Snags

I'm bored....can ya tell?






Thinking Spring with Flowers

I was originally going to offer this as a snag or tag but Fotki is messing around with the size and animation so back to Photobucket it went.  Obviously, AOL is messing with it so it's going to be snag only from the journal.  Sorry....

Anyway, I have been in a fuss, what else is new?  It's something that I just hate about Valentine's Day and never fell prey to.  My BF is sick, once again.  Ok...I should be compassionate but he seems to always have something.  He never even called to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.  He used to be far more romantic in very small but cute ways.  Yeah, I'm still PO'd.  I think he needs a wake up call.  I haven't quite decided what I'll do about it.  No going out this weekend because he works on Sunday....blah, blah.  Of course, he was mad because I wanted to go out last night so now's he pouting like a baby.  I never see him much anymore anyway except when he needs my guidance and support about various things; then I'm the first he calls.  Can we say I have some deeply buried resentment that's rearing it's ugly head again?

Megan came home and has my car somewhere.  I'm just one fussing witch.  So much for squeezing those lemons.  She's applying for summer internships all over the country and the world.  She is trying to get one in London this summer.  Can we say Chris will be visiting the UK if she does?  Oh boy, would I love that.

It's been cold, icy, snowing, you name it all week.  The sun is shining today but it's still so darned cold outside.  I think I'm suffering from the winter blahs big time.

Keep Jackie, Lisa Jo and family, and all those suffering from that vicious bug going around in your prayers.  It's been a dreadful winter here.

If you'd like the tulip siggy, I'll make ya one.  Just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.  HUGS




Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'm Still Here

Cupid Love/Snag or Tag


Yikes, it seems like forever since I've made an entry.  First of all, it was the master cylinder in my car.  Since I purchased an extended warranty (thank the Lord), I didn't pay a cent...whoo hoo!   I'm getting used to my dark hair and really sort of like the cut without many layers in it.  The products are helping so my hair is repairing.

For those of you asking about the music in my journal, well, I didn't add it.  It's still coming from the photo collage from Rock You.com that I posted on Jan 1.  LOL..it will be disappearing soon.

I had some major DSL problems last week.  Embarq was totally out in our area for a good three days.  It's sporadic now but mostly good.  I'm so far behind on journal reading, etc.  More so than usual.  Funny, also I just couldn't make a tag when I couldn't get online.  I like being online and being in PSP.  Weird.

Anyway, I'm trying to tackle life with a new attitude...my old attitude which was making lemonade out of those lemons.  Yep, I struggle and life is tough but it could be way, way worse.

              Oops, and I almost forgot...I want to thank Sugar, Kath, Joyce, Tracy and hope I didn't miss anyone for bestowing this award upon me.  I am passing it along to all who read this journal and who stroke my silly ego with tag making.  You are all the best.

The tags are all still in Fotki.  The links are in previous entries.  I'm on a free account now.  Cripes, I opened my journal last Sunday to red "x" upon red "x".  I had to go back into Fotki and hotlink everything back into my journal.  The hotlink isn't working today so these are in my Fotki account but I'm back in Photobucket again

Below are the last of the Valentine snags.  I'm really sort of glad to see it coming and going.  I'm getting tired of all thehearts and stuff.  Have a great weekend!  It's going to be frigid here tomorrow...brrrr.  HUGS  Chris