Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring SNAGS


Thanks to my lovely daughter, Becky, who turned 26 today, for the quote on the above.  I'm not sure where she got it from or if it was her own creation but I do love it. 

PC problems were driving me nuts the past two days and "Amazing" Counter has disappeared.  There's some website difficult...yuck once again I've had another counter eaten....oh well. ('s back least for now)



Hopefully, I'll get some journal visiting done today.  I've been trying to move some graphics to my external drive but that is filling up.  LOL...such a packrat I am.

HUGS  Chris

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Children SNAGS



I am whooped today.  I took the day off to get my hair cut.  It was gorgeous here.  Yesterday it was 80 and just too hot for March in Pa.  Today was sunny and 70.

I thought I'd get my personal journal updated...not gonna happen.  I'm ready to get in my jammies and nod off here.

LOL...anybody watching Dancing with the Stars this time???

HUGS  Chris

Wednesday SNAGS

I'm putting these up as snags because I honestly don't think there is room to tag them...



The top one was a challenge in our group.  We had to use four out of five things that were given to us to use.  Boy was it hard not make a cluttered mess.



Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ladies & Rain/Snag or Tag


Wish I was laying on a beach somewhere...dang, wish I looked like that pin up.

I wasn't planning on putting up anymore tags this weekend but a little birdie told me that someone we all know and love has a birthday tomorrow.  Yep, Donna or D, as I call her.  (Donna, hope you aren't upset that I let the cat out of the bag.)

Donna has given so much to JLand with her talent.  I think the least we can do is send birthday greetings her way.

D has also been so instrumental with my delving into PSP with gentle nudges and constructive criticism coz boy did I suck (pardon the French).

So, anyway, since I'll be working tomorrow, I wanted to get the word out....BIG HUGS to you, D!!!!  Hope you have a sunny, beautiful day tomorrow.  Here's the if anybody needs it.

This and that, and hockey!





And...rain...although it sunny and close to 70 in the "burgh" today.  Time to finish dinner and take the pooch and me for a walk.  Happy Sunday!  CHRIS


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Easter SNAGS



Decisions, decisions...I didn't like the gradient color for the border on the first one after it was done and saved.  The purple looked washed out on the bottom.  So I bordered it but don't think I care for that so it's your choice.







And, that's all folks, for today.  HUGS Chris





Friday, March 23, 2007

Flower SNAGS


Thinking spring here and waiting impatiently for flowers to sprout.  I just started hearing the birds chirping so there's hope.

Joey didn't have to work today because of the monsoon rains...thank the Lord because he was able to go to the vet's with me.  Grizzly actually behaved better than usual in the car but probably wouldn't have if I was driving him alone.

He was a total spazzo at the vet's.  He howls louder than two dogs put together.  He is like a mule....we have to literally drag him in and then the howling starts.  As soon as we get there, all the vets and techs come out to greet him because they know he's there from his howl.

He needed a good bit of blood drawn from his neck...oy, he needs to be sedated just to have his claws trimmed.  They took him out of the room.  All of a sudden there was total silence.  Joey and I jokingly said they must have knocked him out.  Actually, what they did was muzzle him; not because they were afraid he would bite them but to distract him.  It did the trick because he was so busy trying to figure out a way to escape from the muzzle that they drew the blood and trimmed his claws with much less stress on him. 

From all the preliminaries, he is tolerating the Rimadyl well.  They expect that the liver profile will be pretty much the same.  He will start a slightly increased dose tomorrow when the final results come back.  His left leg is fine now.  That was the worst to begin with.  His right one is still sensitive.  Mama and Griz will start gentle exercising, i.e. walking each day to keep his joints moving.

Here are a few more flower snags....THINK SPRING and HUGS...CHRIS





Saturday, March 17, 2007

Courageous but Different/SNAGS ONLY

Finally, my different ones.  Snags only as the water one won't attach right....grrr  Actually, I can tag the first one if anyone wants it.



The Ladies/Snag or Tag

These are the is slighty adult.



Tags: ,

Children Snags or Tags

I'm putting some tags up but categorizing them.  A couple are from my personal journal.  Yep, I'm a little lazy.  You may see some that are similar to others in my group because we are working with much of the same PSP things.  I'm working my way around reading journals.  If I haven't left a comment, I still usually read most every morning.  Have a safe St. Patrick's Day!  HUGS  Chris




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Sunday, March 11, 2007

A New Tag Journal

Whoo hoo!  Emmi from my PSP group has finally bit the bullet and started a graphics journal.  LOL...her and Missie plus others (Heather, Angela, Gwen) are the reason it's so darned hard to win a contest in my group.

Anyway, here's the link and I'm closing with one of my favorite tags that I begged Emmi to tag for me.  I usually don't have any tags but my own in this journal.   (Emmi, you have to offer this one....) Sweet & Simple Pleasures

So, introducing Emmi2Sweet to the list of talent.....


                                   tag by Emmi 

Spring & Easter/SNAGS ONLY

60's and sunshine all week predicted here...whoo hoo.  Time to pull out some spring and Easter graphics.  I certainly hope spring has sprung although in Pittsburgh you can't be too sure this early.

I'm wondering now as I look at what I made why they are all I must like blue or else I'm getting tired of all the green.

Hope the rest of you are getting spring fever your way....HUGS  Chris




Saturday, March 10, 2007

St. Patty's Ladies/Snag or Tag

The last of the St. Patty's Day tags from me.  The first one won in my PSP group which still blows my mind because all the entries are super.  We can enter more than one.  The second got nothing but I like's all for fun and relaxation.  Hugs & Love to each and every one...Have a good weekend!  Chris




Thursday, March 8, 2007









What a week.  I am exhausted physically, emotionally; the whole gamut. My daughter broke the law; she will pay a huge price; no doubt about and should because she will learn a lesson which is needed but I will not let this totally destroy her in the process.  Her life will be altered enornmously, and it should.  But not to the point that she is taken down with it totally.  I'm still extremely disappointed and upset with Megan.

I throw this into the hands of God.  He pulled the reins in on my daughter.  I do believe the punishment will be according to His will.

At this point in time, Megan is on my "house arrest."  I am enforcing rules she had to follow when she was 16.  She still has a license and drives the car to work and back...period.  She watched a hockey game the other night at a friend's house.  I called to make sure the parents would be home with no alcohol.  It's been such a strain to watch her every move.  I thought I was long past that.  And she goes back to school this weekend.  How she behaves will be her decision.  She is responsible for behaving herself. 


Weary and tired....that's me.   HUGS  Chris

Sunday, March 4, 2007

St. Patty's SNAGS

In the good old USA, St. Patrick's Day takes on a life of its own.  Everybody is Irish here on that day. 

The first three are new tags...the last one is a tag I made last year pre-animation so I decided to animate it.  HUGS to all...CHRIS