Friday, August 31, 2007

Early Morning Snag or Tag


Hmmm....5:41 a.m. and I'm online and posting.  Things are getting back to normal, finally.

Whoo hoo, a long weekend.  I'm driving into work today because either we will get out early or I'm taking a couple of hours off.

Dinner on Saturday was very, very nice.  We went to a lovely little restaurant in Oakmont (the US open was just held there).  Anyway, it's only a couple of miles from where I grew up.

There were 9 of us.  Becky's elusive BF showed up, and I finally met him.  Actually, he is not as antisocial as I thought.  LOL...he is just very refined.  His family is extremely wealthy, and he's an only child.  (OK, Dawn, I'm not saying only children are anti-social...hehe, really I'm not.)  Anyway, it was a great time and the food was out of this world.  I had seafood festival....scallops, claims, and shrimp on linguine (sp) with a light alfredo sauce.  Out of this world.  We went back to my mom's for desert.  My brother was very well behaved, as was his wife.  I asked Becky what her BF said afterwards.  ROFL....he was a little taken aback at the way we "talked" over each other and had several conversations going on at once.  Oh well, it was a long table with a group who hadn't seen each other in a good while.  Just wait til he meets daddy's side of the famly. 

Actually, they seem like a perfect pair.  I hate to say it but my oldest is pretty but geeky.  Her BF is super cute and geeky also.  He's not as bad as I thought.  Becky fusses worse than I do and drive us all crazy but I love her to death.

Oh, and I had to crack up.  My mother was talking about old times and my cousins growing up with my brother being the only boy and me being the baby of six cousins.  My brother was a handful, to say the least.  My children asked about me.  My mom said Chrissy was the best child in the world but, boy, did she whine about everything.  The kids were laughing hysterically because nothing has changed.  See, I said I was a whiner.

TGIF!  I'll be updating my other journal this weekend.  I have some great questions to answer that Jackie sent me...Hi Jackie  <<waving>>


Saturday, August 25, 2007

More to be snagged or tagged


I know these two have been around in various journals in different forms because these are definitely daily tubes from our PSP group.

I wanted to explain to some about my many moods and the smoking thing.  It's very hard to those who have never smoked to realize what it is like to "give up" nicotine.  Nicotine is a drug.....a drug that produces pleasure.  It is added to cigarettes to addict people to them.  Nicotine is not dangerous, in itself, except that it is addictive.  The 100's of toxins in cigarettes are the problem.  Without nicotine, I doubt anyone would smoke more than one cigarette.

Having spent the last 16 years living with nicotine and the pleasure it was giving me is the problem I'm dealing with.  It's a grieving process of sorts.  It's a craving that will probably always be there although it will lessen as time goes on.  I'm not always a happy camper.  Sometimes I would love to puff away and feel that pleasure but I won't.  I'm taking Prozac for now.  The doctor would have loved to add Wellbutrin but I had a concussion in a car accident.  There is a risk of seizures with Wellbutrin because of this so I'm just continuing to forge ahead.

Tonight, my three children and I are going out to dinner with my mom.  My cousin and her hubby are here from Chicago.  They are taking the whole family out to dinner.  It will be a nice time.  We're expecting some huge storms (again) so I'm thinking Joey will drive.  He's the best.  I'm off to get a cut and color...whoo hoo.  I need one badly so I'm hoping to be looking super cute...hehe

Hugs to all....Chris






Goodness, I've had these in my Photobucket for a good while.  I can't even remember if I had an inspiration or if they were made for my group.  Yikes, I'm thinking this one was when I was in one of my many moods this past summer.



Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life Blooms in Color/SNAGS or TAGS

   life is blooming again in color.  I've had a rough summer somewhat; nothing earth shattering but many worries.  Plus not smoking seems to have changed my personality.  Me without nicotine....I'm happy I'm not filling myself with toxins, totally happy.  I don't notice that I have more money because other financial things have popped up but I'm not feeding the tobacco companies.  But, and a big but, I'm just not the same person nicotine free.  I'm not so sure right now I like the nicotine free mind but I won't go back to poisoning my body. 

The tag above won 1st place in a word art contest in my psp group which shocked me totally because almost all the talented graphic creators are in my group.  I just loved the (tube) or the in layman's terms, the girl in the tag.

It chilly and raining cats and dogs here again.  Weird summer.  Cold and rainy or so hot and dry and humid that it was hard to breathe.  Megan is back in Pittsburgh but home this weekend.  She needed more things.  Yuck....a trip to Pittsburgh for me tonight in the rain.  She is still going to work 20 hrs a week while in school.  Hoping this all works out for her.

Anyway, I have a couple of tags I made a while ago that I didn't post.  Last week was just an awful week for me but things are looking up, I hope.  Yikes, I just found a few more in Photobucket that I never posted so I'll be back later tonight and I'll post those.  It's an early dinner time tonight....meatloaf, sugar snap peas and buttered red skin potates.  It was cold and rainy so no grilling.

(Terry Ann and Sally, I'll get your tags to you tonight.)


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dreams & Ramblings/Snag or Tags


Peaceful that color.  Floating on a that feeling.  I took two days of vacation for R&R for my shoulder and my mind.  Thurs was not so good.  Yesterday, I was able to float away in the pool and the sun and feel some of the pressure releasing.  My shoulder is still sore; I'm still preparing for a battle with Sears about the AC unit today, mentioned in my other journal but such is life.

LOL...I forgot to mention that in addition to a previous nicotine addiction (previous, blah, it still rears its ugly head but I persist and prevail), I have a sun addiction which I try to keep to a minimum and visit the dermatologist 4 times yearly.  So, sun and water is soothing and healing to my soul; taking a huge second to the ocean but that won't happen until I grow that money tree in my yard.

Now to a scare...Joey had a huge asthma attack last night which required a visit to the ER.  Actually, it was his first major attack since diagnosis and mild (which we found out later) but he was scared, as I would be if I couldn't breathe, and hyperventilated making it worse.  So please say some prayers for him as the weather is not helping a bit.

I still owe a couple of tags from a week or so ago.  I apologize and will get them to you guys today.

I'm hoping this journal doesn't expand beyond its margins.  Has AOL changed the width of our sidebars again?????  How did you guys get your journals back in whack again?  I've been messing with my other journal for two weeks now.

Anyway, Love & Hugs to all....Stay cool and enjoy!  CHRIS