Monday, April 30, 2007

Foot Stompin...hehe SNAG/TAG

  may be asking what is this "yankee's" obsession with cowgirls lately?  It's not like you see many cowboy boots in Pa.  I do live in a rural area that is slightly country but....I'm obsessed with cowboy boots and dancing.  I love, love the movie Coyote Ugly and also the series I think that runs on Bravo.  I watch every time it's on.

As some of you know, I love to dance.  Can't sing a hoot but love to dance until I fall over.  I would love to have on a pair of cowboys boots and dance on the bar...yep I would.  I'm too dang old now to do it but boy, I think I might have just done it when I was younger.  I think I could fling a few bottles of booze around really fancy if I

Ah, the dreams of a crazy old lady who still feels young at heart.  Hey Lil (the founder of the Coyote Ugly Bars) I'm here in Pa. waiting for your first "granny" series.

HUGS  Chris

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday SNAGS


I've spent a lot of time this weekend in the Paint Shop.  Nothing was appealing to me for a week or so.  I deleted many things before they were halfway done.  Inspiration set in again plus a need to unwind.

I'm just shaking my head at the sunporch here.  It was empty but not is loaded with furniture and things...ok....three months of this....ugh.  The rooms aren't put together just yet but I have a brand new dresser in my room...yay! 

The bed situation is hanging in limbo for the time being.  Two tv's are at Goodwill with one more to go this week.

I wanted to mention that Bea of  Wanderer mentioned this journal along with D and Shelly's for her favorite graphics.  Tickled me pink to be put in the league of those two or at least close to it.

She was mentioning favorite journals to read.  I have so many.  I have far more readers in this journal than my personal one.  I have met so many new people through this journal.  I love all types of journals and feel that many have become friends and know their families as if we have met.

My intent when I started this journal was to provide graphics and tags to others to brighten their journals.  Before I started making them, I had a terrible time scrounging for things I wanted to use.

Funny that Bea mentioned Shelly and Donna.  Shelly got me started with PSP and sent me the program plus tutored me...ugh.  How hard it was at first just to add a tube or image to a background.  D has been very instrumental in my progress along the way.  Hugs to both!

So, whether you leave a comment or just pass through and find something you like, that's ok with me.  This is a hobby that provides relaxation for me.  That others are finding pleasure from my hobby is a huge plus.

Have a great Sunday!  HUGS  Chris


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oriental/SNAG or TAG


I'm going to be making some oriental tags since Megan will be in China and Japan for the month of May.  I used this in my personal journal this morning.  Loved the softness and thought animation would junk it up.

HUGS Chris

Mixture of Old Things/never

I'm in my external back up drive deciding what to keep and what not to keep.  That's my storage space for graphics and psp things, etc.  I need to move things to it so I'm moving some out.

These are older things I made but never posted.  There a mixture of things....





Friday, April 27, 2007

Cowgirl SNAGS or TAGS


LOL...feeling a little bit feisty today.  It was a long week at work.  I'm learning to be assertive when I need to be.  It was a long week at home getting ready for Megan's move back tomorrow, her trip, her hearing which is now scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.  My "closet" room is almost empty; ready to be filled again...oy.  My BF just took another truckload of "stuff" to his dumpster.  Where in the world does this come from?  TGIF!

Some adult content is in the tags I hope none are offended.       











Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Snags/Tags





LOL...guess you can tell what I've been doing last night and this evening.  Actually, the one above is one I made at least a year ago.  I lost most of my folders when my computer was acting up so I've been spending time in my external drive recreating my folders.  What a task this is turning out to be.  I have thousands of PSP things to sort again. 

I've been finding things I never posted so I probably will throw a few in here and there.

I'll be sending the tags out tomorrow.  Nite...CHRIS





Spring has sprung for the time being in western Pa...whoo hoo.  74 yesterday and close to 80 today. 

Megan and I had grilled steak and made salads yesterday but couldn't resist going to Dairy Queen in the evening for a "blizzard."  LOL...can I say we are two peas in a pod? 

We've been walking Grizzly more to keep his joints moving.  She darn near did him in on Friday.  I am slowly increasing the amount he walks.  Even on Rimadyl and joint supplements, my old boy is still moving slow on some days.

She wants to move the bed today...ugh.  I still have to take her back to school tonight.  She's been a model daughter since she's been home.  She took my car to a friend's last night for a bonfire and was home by 12:30 like she was told to be.

The hearing date is still screwed up.  She has finals coming up plus is getting ready for her trip plus her dad talked her into watching his dogs and cat while he and his wife are in Florida next week.  She's staying at our old house and using their car to drive to school.  Of course, she insisted on being paid and being paid up front.  Go Megan!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!  I'm grilling shish kebobs...yum...  HUGS  Chris

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Fake out" Blinkie SNAGS




Just wanted to clarify that I didn't come up with this myself.  I've been seeing people using these backgrounds, etc.  Most recently, D, so thanks Donna and hope you don't mind.  LOL...of course, Donna's are very different.

Wed Children SNAGS




If anyone really wants one tagged, I'll try but there's not much room on either.

I'm taking a break from trying to figure out where to put my clothes...ugh...these 90+ year old houses were not made for today.  I've loaded a few more bags for Goodwill out of sheer necessity.

Today is lovely, and it's supposed to get warmer. dilemma is to bring out some spring things and hope to heck they still fit.

Still no idea when Megan's new hearing will be.  Joey went to a pulmonary specialist yesterday and has developed asthma.  We both have our prescriptions for Chantix, the newest drug for smoking cessation.  It's expensive but is supposed to work better than anything previously released.  I need HELP with this smoking stuff.  I just can't beat that nicotine addicition.  I wish they had inpatient rehab for this...seriously I do.

Hope everybody is having a good Thursday.  Good to see Jeannette, Sugar and Joyce posting again.  And great to see Missie posting tags again.  Oops, and I just saw that Blondepennie is back in Jland again...what a miracle! where the heck is my girl, Jackie???

HUGS  Chris

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Snags


I needed a little uplift so actually I made this for my personal journal.  I figured I'd share it here. If you haven't noticed, I adore the photography of this guy (oops, she is a he..ugh).  I think because the girls look so much like mine did when they were small.

Hope this Sunday finds us all with some sort of renewed zest and uplifted spirits.

     where is spring?  Certainly not in my neck of the woods.  We are expecting 2-4 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow....ugh...this is getting old.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Children Snags



I've had this snowy one around for ages but just found it when I was cleaning out some files and things.  Sort of appropriate since we are expecting snow once again.  Oh where oh where is spring???

Some ladies/SNAG or Tag

I haven't played much in the paint shop this week.  It had gotten so messed up but thankfully straightened out also when my pc did.  Here are a couple of things I made earlier on the week.



Seeing Double/SNAG or TAG




I really loved this tube, etc. so I added two different sets of words on it.

I did find out the house is in my mother's and brother's name.  I will take it from there but need a break.  Last week was just a stressful one.

My pc is almost back to normal.  I was able to download Trend Micro from Microsoft.  I had over 180 pieces of spyware on here.  One was malicious.  After it was removed, my file definitions sprang back to life.  So much for AOL and its McAfee.

HUGS  Chris

Sunday, April 8, 2007

SNAGS for Easter Evening

Winding down on Easter evening after visiting my mother.  My kids were there, as was my brother, SIL, and my BF went this time.  It was all in all a nice time but many questions have arisen in my mind that I have to deal with very soon.  I'm extremely concerned about some legal issues that have plagued me for quite some time.  I've mentioned it off and on in my regular journal but not in depth.  I brought my concerns to my mother's attention after my brother left and am now more concerned than ever.  Yet still I hate to bring my dirty laundry out in the air...well not dirty laundry but some back handed things that will affect my children (I'm not concerned about myself as my mother as given more to me in the past few years than I could ever repay) and my mother, herself.  How I approach this is not going to be pretty or easy and will probably rock someone's boat.  My mother was to deed her house to my brother and I two years ago.  My brother talked her into deeding it to him solely two days before we were change the title.  I let it slide.  I was a bit ignorant/naive.  Legally, my mother does not own the home that she and my father built 59 years ago; our family brother owns it.  My brother has a wife.  There has never ever been any love lost between my mother and SIL to say the least.  Should something happen to my brother tomorrow, my SIL would own our family home.  My mom said she would add an addendum to her will.  I could tell by my BF's expression that all was not well.  She can't give me 50% of something she doesn't own.  I don't want the house.  My brother can live in it until the day he dies.  I just do not want to see my children cheated out of a home that should go to them; not my SIL or her family.  I see ugliness brewing.  My father must be rolling in his grave.

So, it was a good Easter day but things have to be done.  But only my brother can add me to the deed.  My BF said to give it a day or two and then discuss this all with my mother.  I hate to throw this all upon her but she has to realize that there is no guarantee that my brother or I will live longer than she does.  I get physically ill when I think of what would happen if something happened to my brother tomorrow.  My mother would be at the disposal of my brother's wife...ugh.  These are things that drive families apart.  My mother has far too much trust in my brother.  I'm praying for the right words once again.  This is something I will not let up on.  Anyway, not the entry I planned for this day...I have a few snags I've been plodding along at...Hugs to all...Chris





Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Morn


Blessed Easter to those who celebrate!  Whatever the weather, rejoice.  To all my JLand friends who don't celebrate Easter or the religious part of Easter, rejoice in life and the blessings we enjoy.  Happy Passover to my Jewish friends.






Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mixture of SNAGS or TAGS



I think I should have posted these yesterday.  I got my computer pretty well straightened out and got rid of the "gremlins" as Guido calls them.  LOL...not quite. 

I've never had this happen before so I'm stumped.  When I went to upload these graphics in Photobucket, I hit browse.  Of course, I only have to type part of the file name in the box and it brings the documents up.  NOPE....not happening.  I had to browse through all my darned documents and find each one myself.

Anybody ever have this happen or know how to correct it?  It is so time consuming, especially in the paint shop because I'm spending more time going through the documents to find things.  I'm just a tad bit frustrated.



It was raining "cats and dogs" but now has stopped.  Hope Sunday is treating all well.  Keep our JLand friends in your prayers who are recuperating from their surgeries and will be starting treatments..  Also keep Missie and family in your thoughts and prayers  Missie's Upside Down World.  Her teenaged daughter has been hospitalized, and Missie could sure use our prayers and support right now.

HUGS  Chris