Wednesday, February 28, 2007





Sparkles SNAGS

These are my experiments with the plug in sparkles.  I'm having some placement problems but practice should make perfect.  LOL...they seem to take on a life of their own.  I would tag them but there's really no room on the two of them.



                                           (hehe...this one's for you, Penny.)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Snag or Tag


I had another winner this week.  A little bright light on the horizon.  I couldn't enter journals all week and couldn't send mail so for those that I owe tags, I'll get them out today.  I couldn't connect to AOL for well over a day and a half.  Actually, it ended up to be a DSL modem problem which was easily fixed.


I was messing around with plugins and sparkles.  Oy, dummy me took well over a day to get the program loaded and working.  This was done totally the wrong way.  It was my first attempt but I sort of liked it anyway so snag away or I'll tag.

Have a good one...I'm off to get some errands done in preparation for yet another ice storm so I'll probably be doing more tags tonight.

HUGS  Chris

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snowed in....Again/Snag or Tag

So much for the weather guys and their "dusting."  It's been snowing....again...since 1 this afternoon.  :( So much for getting out tonight with my BF.  Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow night as I have Monday off and cabin fever is setting in.  And, yes, what do I do when I'm bored.  Some cleaning, note the word some, with breaks to play with tags.


I made two of the same tag.  Sometimes I can't make my mind up so I saved both.  Nope, you aren't seeing double.




Snag away or I'll tag em if you want.

Stick Kid Comp Set for Snag

            Just a boring Saturday and cleaning....ugh.  I can find more reasons not to and take  What better than to play in the paint shop.

I like stick kids...some don't.  Just a silly little set of this stick girl for snag and then back to cleaning....maybe.










Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Happy Valentine's Day!  The top tag was a winner this week in the non-animated contest.  Missie, Missie's Magical Creations, also had the winner in the animation contest so be on the look out for her winning tag.  Our group is filled with talented people.  Heather is also in it.  Shelly, Roxmama runs the contests, and Angela, Dazzling Designs, is the owner.

The rest are just tags made daily for the group. 






Be safe, warm and give your loved ones a big hug!


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mixed bunch of snags or tags


This first one was the 3rd place winner in our word art contest with my group (by the way...Shelly, Roxymama, created the word art text..way to go, Ms. Shelly!)  LOL...I rarely ever win.

The rest are mostly from tubes (the actual picture in the graphic) that are given to us as challenges each day.  I don't pick them.  Sometimes, I don't even like them but give it a shot anyway.

Mini-crisis with my DSL this morning.  I was doing an entry in my regular journal this morning.  The Sprint DSL modem is quite cumbersome and has fallen many times.  Somehow I bumped the pc stand and off it went...dead as a doornail.  I have the modem Embarq sent me months ago before my connection problems were resolved.  I had to scrounge around to find works....yay.  Thank the good Lord, I was permitted to keep it or I'd be having computer withdrawals along with my nicotine, which I am still struggling with.

I really don't have OCD although maybe a tinge because I tend to over fuss over things when they don't work or break.  I have decision making problems as far as finances are concerned.  If something like my car or, right now, my furnace makes unusual noises or acts up, I dwell on it endlessly until it is resolved, in my mind.

If I've missed tagging any graphics, please let me know.  I let myself get behind a bit.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  Here are the rest:





Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Snags or Tags for a Frozen Night






Another frigid night...the temp is already hovering at zero.  Snow is also falling.  I never thought it snowed when it was frigid but it's definitely coming down.

OCD is setting in.  I'm thinking my battery is about ready to croak in my new car.  Not that it's a huge expense but a huge inconvenience.  After work today, it wouldn't crank over for a few seconds.  Then it started but I had to reset my clock so I know something was up.  Now, the car is a 2003 even though it only has 22,000 miles on it.  Joey drove it 80 miles yesterday so it isn't like it's been sitting around forever.  I'll be talking with no words coming out of my mouth tomorrow if it doesn't start for me.  I already missed work yesterday because the bus didn't show up.  Grrrrrr to this weather.

I'm mass cooking tonight.  I have beef stew simmering on the stove and a meatloaf in the oven.  Way too cold for grilling although Joey will grill if it's double digits. 

Stay warm....Chris

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Children, flowers and a blonde/snags/tags








It's bitter cold in Pittsburgh today.  Highs in the upper single digits...whoo least it's not the lower single digits.  Flowers and spring are on my mind.  Don't know where the blonde tag came from except I fell in love with the tube.  Wish I looked like that.  I'm getting my hair cut, colored and highlighted again today so maybe my hair will look like that.  Ok...maybe not.

I braved the snow and frigid temps and took Grizzly for a stroll.  Being part husky, he loves the cold and snow.  Actually, there wasn't any wind so it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I actually sort of enjoyed hearing the snow crunch in the bitter temps.  Now, I will never, ever admit that because I'm known for hating cold and snow.

My prayers go to those in Florida who have suffered the devastation of the latest weather.

Now, those in the USA, who is your pick for the Superbowl this year??????