Thursday, May 24, 2007



And they're legal.  There's an artist in the UK, Zindy Nielsen, who just asks that you link and list her name...whoo hoo.  She creates some lovely things but I haven't gotten many tubes.  (Thanks Angela)

I am feeling like a witch with a "b" lately.  It's really hot here.  Had to put the air wonderful air conditioner in the wall that has plagued me since I got it.  The thermostat is going whacko on it...up and down...but I'm not in the mood for putting out bucks to replace the whole front of the unit.  I can see a fun summer ahead with this.

I took a plastic grocery bag of medical bills to work yesterday.  The counselor I worked with took about ten looks when I walked in the door.  No least a couple of dozen in there.  They were from Megan's treatment.  All except one was around 10-20 dollars; one was a hundred and something.  They were from labs, pathologists, etc...all separately billed.  I had no idea what I had or hadn't paid.  The clinic had several.  I called the hospital clinic and begged them to itemize them and let me know what I had and hadn't paid because I did have cancelled checks for some that I just got.  UGH, UGH. 

Anyway, I got an e-mail from Megan.  She was none too thrilled with China.  She loved the sights but said the people shoved, were rude and looked at them like they were from another she is 20 remember?  Anyway, she had been in Osaka Japan for 1 hr and she LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it, as she put it.  She totally loves Tokyo and doesn't want to come home now.  My child is definitely an urbanite.  I'm thinking Japan is much like the western world.  And she things the boys are cuter in Japan, so go figure.  She will be home on Saturday.  Can you believe it?  I'll have to get some pictures off of her. There haven't been any on the website.

My BF got a part time job  at a mom and pop convenience store.  He was getting bored with retirement.  So, now I'm BF-less.  He is working all Memorial Day weekend since he is the new one....yuck.  He started two weeks ago.  I've seen him once.  Nope, I'm not a happy camper. 

Please keep Becky in your thoughts and prayers.  She is really having a hard time concentrating at school since she lost her Skitz.

HUGS!!!!  Chris



chillininjville said...

Beautiful tags sweetie! I sent you all the tubes I have of hers....they are all awesome.

Hugs, Angela

nightmaremom said...

I'll be checking out the site!!  These are great

princesssaurora said...

Sending prayers... lots and lots of prayers and good thoughts to you, Joey, Becky and Megan.... and your bf... hope he gets over to you soon!

be well,

jlocorriere05 said...

Poor Becky, I hope she can come to terms with her grief, it's so hard to lose a pet especially at that age. I remember when my twenty year old cat died, I was sixteen and he'd been there with me since I was born, we were inseparable, it was so hard at first. I'm glad Megan liked Japan. The Chinese are very unfriendly and aren't used to tourists yet! A lot have never seen westerners and they think we have funny eyes! Lol! Our tour guide said they call us 'big noses'! They have snubby noses but I guess we're too polite and politically correct to call them 'snub noses'!! Lol! The sights are amazing though, well worth the visit! No alerts for this, just dropped in to see if you'd posted! Have a great weekend, shame your BF has to work, so do I! Jeannette xx  

gehi6 said...

Did you see Babel.  I thought the Japanese section of the movie was really interesting.  It showed a lot of Tokyo. You and Megan should both see it if you have not already.  I am going to go back and read all the China entries again when I have more time  I thought her trip was very interesting there even though it was a little more disturbing to her. She will probably look back on these memories as a trip to never never land!  Gerry

penniepooh said...

I`m happy to hear that Megan is enjoying Japan. Not that I`ve ever been there, but I`m sure Id like it better also.
Sorry to hear about the BF working through the holiday. :(
Best wishes to Becky with her school work. I know it`s a difficult time for her.
Have a great weekend, Chris.
Love you!

springangel235 said...

First, starting at the end...keeping Becky in my thoughts and prayers for sure...tell her I care about how she is doing.  Hope the bills get straighted out.  Going through some here too.  My hubby, also has to work the Memorial Day weekend...and day...he will be off in the evenings, I hope.  Love your tags...very nice...hope you and your lovely family, have a great weekend...hugs and love,

bgilmore725 said...

So glad your daughter will be home soon. She's had a valuable and unforgettable learning experience. Travel is good for young people. Doctor bills... I hate keeping up with all the paperwork. Gives me headache. Have a great weekend. bea

queenb8261 said...

Glad Megan is home safely and can mourn her Skitz. Beautiful tags. I snagged. Thanks.  Sorry you aren't seeing your DBF much since he took a job.
You know both my sons spen in a year in Korea. Of course that's not china.  Then they both had to go to Japan. They both preferred Japan over Korea. Of course in Korea they were living on a military base.
 Well, wish you were here & us girls would girll us a steak. Looks like it's just us chickadees with the way the Rairoad is working these days. Take are of yourself.
Give Megan an extra hug from me about Sktitsy cat.
Hugs & love  ya, Barb

kalekinileilani said...

I would love my name on wings are earned it is so pretty..please and thank you so much Sally