Sunday, August 13, 2006

More Celebration Stuff


The celebration stuff is continuing.  There is a cyber chat party scheduled for next Sunday evening. Thanks, D, for the beautiful tag!

Clicky on Kathy's link and go cyber shopping for the perfect outfit to wear.  Time to feel like a princess!!!!

The official 3 year Anniversary site is up and running.  Check it out...really pretty.  Lots of time and energy went into its creation.  Thanks Viv.  3rd Anniversary - AOL Journals1

Sugar has her pet memorial journal up and running...make sure to go and visit.  CELEBRATING 3 YRS OF J-LAND with OUR BELOVED PETS

Krissy has an activity she would like for everyone to join in for!  Go to her journal to check it out.  Announcing a J-Land Activity: My Past Year in J-Land  She would love for everyone to post their entries on August 21st.  So go read what it is all about!!!

And don't forget to add your entries to Shelly's quilt and send a picture to Stevie for the video.  His deadline is tomorrow.  I believe Shelly's is Friday.

Love/hate AOL or somewhere in between...J-Land is about us.  We are J-Land and can choose to make it as much as we want it to be.


xomywayox said...

This whole celebration is turning out to be bigger then I thought it would be. I'm loving it!


queenb8261 said...

Thanks for all the information!
Hugs, Barb