Saturday, February 3, 2007

Children, flowers and a blonde/snags/tags








It's bitter cold in Pittsburgh today.  Highs in the upper single digits...whoo least it's not the lower single digits.  Flowers and spring are on my mind.  Don't know where the blonde tag came from except I fell in love with the tube.  Wish I looked like that.  I'm getting my hair cut, colored and highlighted again today so maybe my hair will look like that.  Ok...maybe not.

I braved the snow and frigid temps and took Grizzly for a stroll.  Being part husky, he loves the cold and snow.  Actually, there wasn't any wind so it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I actually sort of enjoyed hearing the snow crunch in the bitter temps.  Now, I will never, ever admit that because I'm known for hating cold and snow.

My prayers go to those in Florida who have suffered the devastation of the latest weather.

Now, those in the USA, who is your pick for the Superbowl this year??????


nightmaremom said...

snags are awesome Chris.. they sure make me feel warm... got those frigid temps here too... windchill well below 0.  BRRRRRRRR  and lake effect on the way..north of the city is getting pounded now.  Oh the joy!!  

Ummmm... at the risk of pissin off some of my readers... I think I'm cheering for Indy....  AFC girl... and now that NE isn't there I can follow them... LOL
love ya

lisa41076 said...

Chris, I snagged the blond girl, she is so pretty, Spring is on my my mind too, me eh I do'nt care who wins the Superbowl, have a great weekend, Hugs Lisa

drb1064 said...

Hi called in on the recommendation of my friend jan (JEadie05) love your graphics they are beautiful. Hope your weather improves, we are experiencing the warmest January on record.
Best wishes

therealslimemmy said...

love the snags! thanks for shairing
hope it warms up there
i lived in indiana so i guess i'll want the colts to win this year  i'm shocked they are even there to begin with but go them! lol
have a good weekend
<3, emily

lanurseprn said...

Beautiful tags Chris!  I snagged all of 'em!  Just so pretty! I wish I looked like that blonde too!  
Hope the cold weather isn't too bad for you.  Make some hot tea and stay warm.
Superbowl? I don't follow it anymore. When I was married I did.  Ex Hubby is a football addict!
Have a great weekend....
Love ya, Pam

innxdoor said...

Hi Chris, wow I love the blonde with the electric hair! I already have the hair but I sure could do some praying for that face! haha! Ohh you have a part husky, Grizzly, I admire you for being able to walk it and not having him pull you thru every ditch in the neighborhood! I have 3 huskys, two are part grey wolf and the the other is a 9 week old beige, blue eyed cutie pie! Walk my huskys calls for a sled, anchor and a few tylenol's for the pain that comes after the walk!
Hope you stay warm cuz it's going to get worse yet! The way they are talking you may end up with snow drifts up to your porch tops and the need for metal detectors to find your cars! Warm Hugs :)))))) Doreen

innxdoor said...

The Bears will win!

labdancer51 said...

I wish my hair was like that Chris, it certainly would get noticed around! Grizzly is a wonderful name for a dog, I`ll bet there`s not many with that name. :o)

Sandra xxxx

penniepooh said...

I esp love that tag with the blue flowers in the vase.
That blonde tag is gorgeous. Now we need us a redhead! *)
You`re going to look and feel great after getting your hair done. I know I always do. Mine hasn`t been cut in a while, I`m letting it grow.
I bet Grizzly loved his walk in the snow. Mandy loves it.
Have a great weekend.
love ya  xo

cgtperkins said...

Go COLTS!!!!!!

jlocorriere05 said...

The tags are great Chris. The blonde one reminds me of a young Debbie Harry! Like you I hate the cold and snow, I've spent many hours frozen in the middle of fields taking dogs out to exercise! Glad I've only got cats now! Have a great weekend! Jeannette xx  

ndnhunny30 said...

Hi I wanted to stop by to say hi. I have had your link to this journal in my journal for a long time now ;) I just made my own Tag journal as I am learning how to make them and also added your link in that journal. So I figured it appropriate to stop by and leave a link lol. I love your tags! Please stop by and check mine out sometime.

There is a link to my real journal there also.

springangel235 said...

Beautiful tags Chris...loved all, snagged all...
Cold here too...going into the singles the rest of this week here...burrrr!
Hope you have a warm and peaceful Sunday...hugs,

chat2missie said...

My heart goes out to those in fl also.  I pick the Bears to be the superbowl champs.  It's dang cold here too.  Don't like it this cold.  Love all your tags.  The basket of flowers is my favorite.  Have a good Sunday.

sangrialel said...

I am impressed that you went out in this cold weather!  I am inside nice and warm but am feeling inspired by your walk and thinking I should at least walk down to the driveway or something!  Can I get the blonde one and the I pick you one tagged?  I would love to have Linda on the blonde one and Mark and Linda on the other if you can!   Thanks Linda

doclove64 said...

Wonderful tags.

queeniemart said...

i dont follow football. It is so cold here too...yeah you for taking that walk! I know the dog loved it. The tags are adorable!
LOVE, lisa

siennastarr said...

I can't even believe that I picked this Sunday to have my family dinner!  The kids (especially the boys) have continuously reminded me that it is SuperBowl Sunday!  Well, hells bells, I don't keep up with football, at all.  I didn't realize that I picked that I picked that day 3 months ago, and it was going to end up being SBS.  Geesh!  Totally figures though!  Oh, well.. I guess the TV will be tuned to football, and we will be dining everywhere but at the table this year!  

I've missed you girlfriend.. I hope all is well in your life..

Love you

princesssaurora said...


Stay warm!  My lab loves the weather this cold too!  Brrrrr

I am rooting for the Colts!!!

be well,

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))Beatiful graffics.I dont care to much who wins.My team isnt in,I am a diehard redskin fan,ever since I was little.Probllay because they are our home team.Have a nice Sunday and stay warm.

fuzilady said...

I have so not kept up with football this year. My husband has, me not so much. Being from oklahoma i will watch Dallas games. Now i wil watch the superbowl-but only for commercials and half time. LOL.  

sorry I haven't been around much-my life is one big crazy circle right now,LOL

love ya

The second snag is awesome

onestrangecat said...

love all the snags.

i am one of the few american's that don't keep up with the ball games.


rdautumnsage said...

Brave the cold is right LOL!! Our dogs seem ignorant to the fact that it is cold out there. Pickles insist on going out in the woods she skated on the ice , from the nearby creek. She had a ball, couldn't understand why I wanted to go in after an hour and having no feeling left in my fingers nor lips. Hope you get what you want with the haircut, and everything else. Send pics and let us see @@!
(Hugs) Indigo

queenb8261 said...

Love the graphics. I'd like to have that blonde's hair too. And her youth. LOL
BRRRRRR.  When I used to walk regularly (years ago), I walked evey day or night...rain, sleet or snow and heat.  Now I'm too old. LOL That's my excuse anyway.  I LOVED walking in the snow, esp. at night. I was rooting for the Colts, but I wouldn't have been upset if the Bears had won.
Have a good Wednesday.
Hugs, Barb

eyesbaerle said...

Stay warm and stay safe!
For some reason I over looked this alert. Hope I am not too late to ask for a favor.... I would love to have the "Flower is a soul" and the "blonde glitter hair" one with Maria, please. Thanks a million! Huggles, Maria

sunyruby said...

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