Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm Back with some SNAGS or TAGS




I'm back after a sort of self-imposed break from my computer and life, in general.  It was a rough week but I'm slowly scratching my way out of the hole I put myself in.  I'm still smoke-free and on Tues, it will be two weeks. 

Megan had her court date.  She lost her license for 90 days and has been put on a payment plan for the fines.  She put a pretty good sum on it as a down payment.  She has 52 hrs of community service and is on probation for a year plus must take the victim's classes.  What rocked my world was that Pa. is not granting waivers to drive to and from work anymore.  I feel like I'm being sentenced.  I expect her to pay the fines which means she needs to work.  Her waitress schedule has her working from 4 or 6 pm to 1 or 3 in the morning every weeknight.  Guess who is picking her up?  There just is no other solution.  It would be so much easier to just pay the darned fines for her but I don't even begin to have that kind of money plus she would learn nothing.  I'm telling you this is going to be one long summer.  I feel like a dang zombie.  She gets her license back Sept 4th.  Big whoop.  She'll be back in school.  She has been cleaning the house for me which is really nice.

So, I sulked for at least a day or two.  I craved cigarettes for even more than a day or two.  I felt like banging my head off the wall for a day or two.  I wanted to cry for a day or two.  I couldn't even begin to make tags or do an entry.  I just felt empty.  Now, I'm trying to deal with this in some sort of positive way.  Megan's 21st birthday was Friday.

My pond is crystal clear, by the way.  Now, it's the pool I'm working on.  It has been a challenge.  I got in today.  Yuck, after all the chemicals, it was still slimey so I loaded it with chlorine, more algae crapand ran the filter all day.  It didn't look too bad tonight.  LOL...I want to run away from home.

I apologize for not visiting journals.  I'm a week behind and hope to start catching up with everyone.  I've been a scatterbrain so if I owe you a tag, please let me know, and I'll get it to you.




my78novata said...

love the usa one.
wow cant believe they dont let her atleast on the first offence have a wavier to drive. can she even find another person to ride with ??????? man that has to be hard but kudos to you for staying smoke freen share pics of you pool nad pond and hard yard work.

ktkamanski said...

Chris, I so admire your strength! You are an amazing women to be able to with- stand this kind of pressure (not smoke) and still be able to do what you do!! Simply Amazing!!!!! You are a silent hero and should be proud of you! Hope your Monday is a brighter day! Take care and thank you for sharing your talents!

tendernoggle said...

Bless your heart...I feel so bad that you are going to have to go get her from work that time of night...can she not catch a ride from any other waitresses? What we won't do for our wonder we get gray headed! lol
Take care,
love ya,

lisa41076 said...

Chris, congrats on staying smoke -free, Hugs to you Lisa

ktkamanski said...

I know it's alot to ask, but could I have all three with Katie attached, if the offer still stands! Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((CAB))))))))))))))))))I am sorry you are going through a hard time,you dont have to worry about visiting Journals.we will alwayys be here for you.I hope your daughter will be ok and learn a lesson from is ok,to take time off.I hope that maybe you can get away soon.Have a nice week ahead.I love your graffics,I have so many tag graffics,I need some without.LOL.I will just snag theeses,they are so cute.Thanks.

dwhee70041 said...

You are a fantastic mom.  Not all would do what you are doing.  I'm really proud to say you are one of my j-land buddies. I am also proud of you quiting smoking. Way to go!  I know Megan is telling stories about her trip to Asia.  I wish I could hear them and compare them with Nathans.  When you get a chance, stop by my journal....I mentioned you in the last sentance.
Keep smiling,

fisherkristina said...

Do not apologize for not visiting journals.  It is not a requirement!  No rules!  Take it easy!


cgtperkins said...

Wow, that will be quite a chore picking her up from work that late....or early....LOL
I hated cleaning my pool, but now I miss it since I have moved! Have a good week.

bgilmore725 said...

Welcome back... I know what you mean about having to drive someone around when they lose their license. I had to do it for a year for one of my very nearest loved ones a few years ago. I hated it... I felt like I was being punished for his lack of discernment. great graphics, btw. Have a good week. bea

penniepooh said...

Hi Chris, I`m sorry to hear that you`re the one taking the brunt of Megan`s work transportation.  It`s a very serious situation and I hope she`ll never let that happen again. Congrats on not smoking!! Even in the midst of all that`s going on you didn`t give in. Way to go!!!  :0)
Love ya xo

psychfun said...

Well maybe that is even more a punishment for her, because then you realize what a priviledge it is. It seems like it is for you because you do it for her but many may not have someone to do it for them. Alternative? Bus or cab? Then that takes out more money of their pay & is even more of a punishment for them. I read in the paper today that a couple who allowed alcohol at their 16 yr old's party is doing 2 yrs jail time each. They took all the keys & didn't let anyone leave but they are still getting it for getting the alcohol for them. They told the parents there would be no alcohol there. They are saying it is the most jail time ever but maybe it is to tell parents don't even think about it, there is a reason not to allow them to drink period. I may post on this actually. Good luck though. I would make her pay for you gas some each week, since it is not her own gas she is putting in.  

jckfrstross said...

maybe megan can get a ride home with a coworker? have a good week


queenb8261 said...

Oh man that first tag takes me back. My Dad used to call my daughter Robin, Little Miss Tex. Chad had a brown felt cowboy hat and boots that she grew into of course. I made a sash (like a pagent sash) and put Little Miss Tex on it. Put her in her hat and boots and took a pic of her. It was one of my Dad's fav. pics. I think I'll snag it. THey are both so cute.
 That's the pits about Megan. Well, more for you. You are being punished too. Wish I was there. I'm always up at that time anyway...I'd pick her up for ya. Good for you though, still smoke free.  Is it too far for her to take a cab or bus? Hope she's forking over some gas money. Hang in there. Unfortunately it'll pass before we know it. I'm thinkin of ya.
Love N Hugs, Barb

nightmaremom said...

I'm glad you're back.  I know your life is full.. and I wish I could help.  Ummm no it's really a long ride for me to pick Meg up :)~  You are making the right decision tho...  sorry you are being punished too.

sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats on still be smoke free! YEA!!!!!
Maybe Megan could get a ride home from some of her co workers? Or friends? so you don't have to pick her up EVERY night. How does she get to work? Can she take the bus to work or a friend?
It'll all work out.

lanurseprn said...

I'm so sorry it's such a rough time for you right now. Maybe she can get a ride in the early morning hour with a cab? That's gonna be tough for you to do that shift.
I agree with you, she won't learn unless she pays the fines.  I'm just so sorry it's causing you to be so down. I know it's hard to climb back out of that hole. I'm trying to do that right now.
I hope this week is better for you.  Get some rest.
Hugs and love,
Pam xoxoxox
PS...if you decide to run away come on out to CA and we'll have some FUN!!!  

astoriasand said...

Awwww I just adore the snags Chris.I am sorry you have had a roungh time lately and I am so proud of you doing so well with no siggy's.SIGH that is such a drag Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Enough to send anyone around the bend alone without other probs..No wonder you have been stressed out so much.I hope now court is over and everything on that line is sorted you will get back to normal a little and things will brighten in your life.Saying prayers for you all as usual.Take Care God Bless Kath

kalekinileilani said...

I just love this little cowgirl and the other one that says A child heart I would love to have my Name on them please Love...Sally ...and many hugsss and thankyou

jlocorriere05 said...

That's really bad that you have to pick Megan up every night she works. Couldn't she get a ride or cab with some one else? We don't have any waivers over here either, if you're banned then that's it, you don't drive at all. Well done on not smoking still, it must have been hard after all this hassle.Glad you got the pond done. These tags are all absolutely beautiful Chris! Thanks, I snagged them all, great work! Hope this week is better for you and happy belated birthday to Megan! Jeannette xx  

pharmolo said...

I'm sorry to hear of your daughter's woes, Chris. Hope things pick up soon

chat2missie said...

I hope after all this, Megan learns never to drink and drive again!!  I'm sorry you got the brunt of driving her around.  Love your tags!

rdautumnsage said...

Well done on the Graphics hon, loved them! As for Megan, I think you should have her find her own way back and forth to work as well. It was here mistake and misfortune, why should you have to pay as well by toting her back and forth. She should offer gas money for a ride from one of her co-workers. You have enough on your plate without this added stress.

Well done on the smoking. You held out even with the stress of Megans court appearance. I think you have the right idea , keeping busy to keep your mind off stress and not smoking. Your in my thoughts dear one! Try in the middle of all this to remember to take some "me" time. Love You Indigo

queeniemart said...

i lvoe you so much Chris. I do. You have been a REAL friend to me when i had NO WHERE to turn. I DO know how hard this is on you...the driving and not getting any rest can wear you down....please remember it is a huge sacrifice but Megan needs you and loves you and you are a good good person and wonderful mom and when she gets that license back, this is behind you and you have stood beside her, guiding her even as she enters adulthood. I would help you, truly, if i could. I can not bear for you to be tired or sad. Your tags mean the world to me.
xo lj

jeadie05 said...

Ihope Megan has learned from this Im sure she has ,Icant help thin king its you thats being punished getting her to work to earn the money for the fine ,very well done not smoking in spite of all this stress ,clever girl Jan xx

princesssaurora said...

{{{ Chris }}}}  I understand how you feel.  I hope Megan understands how much this entire thing has affected you all.  And, continues to do so.  Any chance that your son could help pick her up occasionally?  Or your boyfriend?  Or her dad?

Thinking of you....

be well,

eyesbaerle said...

I understand completely how you feel. Hang in there! Best wishes to all of you!!!
I am happy to see you are so creative. Love to have my name on the first taggie.... the lil cowgirl. Thank you so much. Hugs, Maria

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I just love the cowgirl!!! Soooooo awesome!!!!  I am praying for ya friend!!!!  And am gonna add you to the prayer chain too...Keep your chin up and congrats on the smoking...I so need to quit again and for good this girl you keep it up cause you and Shelly are gonna make me quit...I just know it!  Hugs,TerryAnn

siennastarr said...

{{{{Chris}}}}  Congrats to you, my sweet and moody (lol) friend for 2 weeks of being Smoke Free!!  YAAAAY!  It gets easier.. you just have to take one day at a time, and don't think about tomorrow.

I don't know how you are doing it.. getting up in the middle of the night to pick up Megan and then trying to get back to sleep!  You must be pretty exhausted all day long.  With that and quiting smoking...  KUDO's to you my friend!

I miss you..  :(   I feel we n ever chat anymore.. what with me working,  you working.. and, well... whatever.  I do miss you, and think of you every day.  
I will keep you in my prayers, that God continues to give you strength, both in your daily life, and with the not smoking..

Love you

gehi6 said...

If that is what it takes then a break is in order.  It seems like Megan got the book thrown at her.  When I think of how many people drive drunk and never get caught up with for years!  It would be enough to cause major depression with all that inconvenience for 'moi.'  I remember when my son Raymond got picked up for underage drinking and in Californa both the parent and the child were on probation and I had to report with him every week.  He was always getting caught when he broke the law but his older brother did not.  But the younger one has been sober for seven years and the older one is still drinking, especially when he's in a crisis, so even though the price is big right now it might make a believer in the law out of Megan.  So she will be most law abiding in the future.  Maybe she will be able to see you can't take much more of this!   Gerry  

xxroxymamaxx said...

girl, two weeks?  and this was almost a week ago.  I'm really really really really really really proud of you.  Don't why I chose 6 reallys but I really am proud. lol  and guess what Mr. Ryan did to my pond today?  He mowed the yard and sprayed grass cutting all in it.  I was so mad. lol  Hope you are having a nice weekend.  love, Shelly

princesssaurora said...

Missing you, Chris.... sending prayers....

be well,

gotomaria said...

Hope you are doing well....hang in there!  Maria

kalekinileilani said...

I wanted to thank you so much for the tags they are so beautiful.... I need one more for a friend ..she say mine and begged ...Susie on it please if I am not to late ...hugss and thank you so much on both the heart and the 4th of July hugsss Sally

princesssaurora said...

Still missing you...

be well,

bhbner2him said...

Glad you are back!  I snagged a couple.  -  Barbara

springangel235 said...

Thinking of you and the entire family...still missing you along with others...hope you are well. and the family too.
Many hugs and tons of love,

featherbutt3 said...

Hi Chris -
I found your page and had saved it...but then forgot where I saved it. :o( Anyway I just wanna say I love your Snags & Tags - and now that I have found you again. I won't lose you again.
Good luck with NOT smoking!!!
Have a great day - Dawn

dreamingbrwneyes said...

I hope your OK!! Been awhile since you posted.

~ Jenny

rotex57 said...

Hi I would love to have this cute little Texasgirl tag with my Name...Ulla

Thank you

nay0114 said...

I loved your tags in this entry and snagged I hope you don't mind. I wish I had the bottom one already that said puddle dancing that is my grandsons favorite thing to do. I've already shared that entry in my journal darnit.
This is my first time to your journal. I forgot whose I came here from I read many. I will be back for a visit again. I love the little Texas girl since I'm one transplanted to Kentucky.
Take care,