Sunday, August 3, 2008

Already August/SNAGS


My alerts are finally pretty much working; working extremely well.  I had and still have several entries from people to catch up with. 

Things are relatively quiet for the time being around here.  We have finally been having some summer weather here but it's August already.  Got to float in my pool yesterday.  Lovely day but the cloud cover is back again today.

My BF has an appt on Aug 18th to set up the surgery.  The doctor needs to make sure that the stents have healed completely before any surgery date is confirmed.  I have been trying to talk with him about after care.  They can now do the band-aid incision in some cases instead of breaking the sternum.  I'm not too sure he will fall into that category.  I don't want to delve too far into that and worry him but my dad had two open heart surgeries.  No piece of cake with the breastbone healing.

Megan is still at home but will be living with Becky in the fall.  She didn't need a 12 month lease and couldn't find anyplace with less than 10 months so the sisters will be roomies.  LOL...this should be interesting.  They totally fought, physically scratching and pulling hair, when they were kids.  Hopefully, they are adult enough now to co-exist.

My son just got back from Ocean City, Md. and may have a torn meniscus.  He has an MRI scheduled for next week.

Forgot to mention that I had my handy dandy Randy (the plumber) back again.  My upstairs toilet was leaking.  It needed a new wax seal thingie.  He had to move it a little because the floor wasn't in the best shape behind the toilet.  Well, it's leaking a bit on the one side again.  Back he comes again tomorrow night.  He's sure it will just need an adjustment so this wax seal settles.  Keeping my fingers crossed because he did say I should get 2,000 flushes out of the last fix before I need to replace that part of the floor...ugh.

My BF and I got to go out Friday night.  We  ran into Megan and a couple of her friends.  She was the Designated Driver and drinking diet Pepsi.  Still weird to see her in a lounge setting. I've started walking at lunch because I cannot lose a pound.  If I eat one desert or a meal that isn't a salad...boom, the weight comes right back on.  I've been taking Grizzly around the neighborhood in the evenings.  We had to start out slow because of his joints but he needs to move some also.

I'm getting back into PSP more but still haven't done much tagging.  Hopefully, that will come along also.

If I haven't been around to see you, I shall be tonight.  I still have a bunch of alerts to go through.  I have a couple of blinkies here.  We do blinkies twice a week in my one group.








jlocorriere05 said...

I've been getting alerts too, don't know why nobody else is! Maybe we're AOL's favourites, Lol! I did an entry last night and got hardly any comments for it. Glad you got some summer weather, it's cold, wet and blowing a gale here again today, ugh! Best of luck to your BF for his surgery appointment, I hope it all goes well for him. I'm sure Megan and Becky will be more grown up now and live peacefully, let's hope anyway! I feel for your son and his knee injury, mine hasn't healed fully since my accident in February! Jeannette xx  

nightmaremom said...

glad things are pickin up for you...  weather this summer sucked!   Nice days here and there but more rain and overcast then anything.   Hugs to you

midwestvintage said...

 I can't believe it August already.  Time is just flying.  Love the tags.


bhbner2him said...

As always, your work is precious!  God bless you in the days ahead!  -  Barbara

nelishianatl said...

That's going to be a real interesting drama with the sisters.  The sons tear sounds awful painful.  I hope your boyfriend doesn't have to go through having his breast bone opened to do the surgery.  And Bless your heart you must be so worried about him.  I'm glad you got to go out on Friday.  That is one of the prettiest tags up there I really love the animation on it.  Glad to see you around and that alerts are starting to pick up again.

Thanks for your supporting comments in my journal too.  I've missed you.


lanurseprn said...

When I worked ICU/CCU the patients would all tell me that the worst thing was the pain they suffered in the breast bone. They also used to complain about the cut up the leg where the grafts were taken, but nowadays they don't make such a large incision. I know you have to be worried about him. I will be keeping him in my prayers.
Hugs to you Pam

chat2missie said...

I'm glad you had time to write an entry!  I've missed you!

fisherkristina said...

I prayed for your boyfriend, that he could have the "band-aid" surgery instead.


lv2trnscrb said...

those blinkies were cute! I bet Megan/Becky will be good roommates; its a win-win situation for them now as adults; a little helping with rent, a needed place to stay, and they are both old enough if they get into each other's hair they can pick up and go somewhere else to cool down a bit

hoping your boyfriend can have the easier surgery of the two

good for you for walking; I think the older we get the harder it is to lose weight; I know I had to cut back a lot on calories and carbs and do protein drinks and one meal a day and that is working, but slower than it came off before when I was younger


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((CAB)))))))))))))))))I am praying for your BF that all will be ok.I am sure Megan and Becky will do fine.I fought with my Sister alot when we were younger,but  now as we are older,we dont fight anymore.I guess its a good thing,She is married and not living home.LOL.

mcknansmom said...

hey you!  I will be praying for your bf and you.  he is lucky to have you there by his side.  
and i love that graphic at the top!
have a great week

queeniemart said...

You are so lucky to have alerts. Glad you and BF got to go out and enjoy yourselves.....i will totally keep praying for him...i can not imagine the surgery he is getting ready to go thru!! Sounds like your girls will have an interesting fall living together huh? I HATE household repairs.....if it ain't one thing, it's another.
love you so and so happy to see you update!

frankandmary said...

I know how serious the operation is, but I must say my Dad was in his 70s & healed so well.  I have both of you in my thoughts.

The sisters as roomies. Yikes, but there are good points to that also.
It is leaking after the plumber was there...hmmm. Hope he gets it right...
I think it will always be weird running into your kids in a "lounge" setting, but yay for the diet Pepsi :-) ~Mary

nortenadcorazon said...

Hello *Chris :)
Thank U very much for Ur Alwayssss Great Snaggs!
I enjoyed reading Ur Entry, U sound a whole Lot Better (relaxed)
The dreaded Wax ring!
maybe I should start a blog~ hahahah! (just to share that one)!
Ur son...a knee injury?
Ur Daughters what a Special time, me and my sis when we did the Live in stint ~ We realized just how very Special  we were to one another the scratches and hair pulling turned into home manicures and our own Hair Boutique !
Sending Prayers&Happy Thoughts to U and all Ur Loved Ones.
I have to  go fill up my truck and get Xtra gas for Our generators,taking the necesscary precautions
I have to help board up windows...we have a Hurricane heading our way, I Have Faith that It will pass Us by. I just know it will.
Take Care~
Debra Jean

pharmolo said...

Nice to hear from you again, Chris. I'm happy that your BF is making progress. Hope the toilet gets fixed soon

bojgill4375 said...

Did not get alert for this entry? I didn't have Internet since Friday. Will be keeping all of you in my prayers. Really cute tags. God Bless, Janie

lisa41076 said...

Chris, great to have an entry from you, your BF will be in my thoughts on the 18'th, Hugs Lisa

pprrrr39 said...

Sorry to hear about your son.....hope that the problem isnt too bad and needs surgery.

Love the baby blinkie......Thank you Jayne