Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The rest of the Snags & Tags

I have to say the nicotine is so addicting that I'm surprised cigarettes are still permitted to be sold.  I had my last cigarette at 4 am this morning.  By 2 this afternoon, I was a raving lunatic with a pounding headache, runny nose and eyes..etc.  I looked more like I was having heroin withdrawals.  Then came the crying and depression.  I checked into the patch but it's really not going to be good for my blood pressure as I'm having some problems keeping it low on medication. 

I did quit smoking cold turkey in 1976 until 1991 when my son was in an auto accident and in the trauma unit for a week.  I started again and have regretted that for a long time.  This time, it is not nearly as easy.  I did cheat tonight and took three puffs off a my last remaining cigarette then put it out.  This is going to be a rough road for me but I hate smoking and hate the thought of what it's doing to my body.  Keep me in your prayers.  I will need it.







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jckfrstross said...

keeping you in prayer:)


nightmaremom said...

Sending good vibes Chris... and lots of luck!!  Yell if you need an ear.  
Love the tags they are very pretty.

jlocorriere05 said...

Well done for even attempting to give up again Chris. We'll all be here cheering you on. Funny but when I stopped smoking my BP went up so high and I was out of breath all the time. I started again and the BP dropped and I could run uphills again! Jeannette xx  

chat2missie said...

You can beat the addiction!!  I know you can.

queeniemart said...

i am behind you 100%. I quit cold turkey on 11/21/95. BEST THING I EVER DID.
It is AWFUL to quit smoking. I have you in my thoughts AND prayers.
LOVE, lisa jo

lisa41076 said...

Chris, you can beat that addiction, I'm behind you all the way, Hugs Lisa

penniepooh said...

Chris, I wish you all the best and pray that you can beat the nicotine cravings. I know it`s even harder than dieting! Do it for yourself and your kids ( and me! ) We want you around for a L O N G time yet.
Love ya  xo

dreamingbrwneyes said...

Saying prayers that you can resist the temptation and oneday the addiction is gone. Lovely tags too!!! Good luck Chris, you can do this.

~ Jenny

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))You will be in my prayers.I know its hard,my Mom quit and started back up,than She has finally stoped,but,She still wants one.Its like the same thing being addicted to pain killers,which I was and I could use one now.But I am glad I am off of them.Have a good night and I love your graffics.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))Can I have the bottom one with Amanda on it?And one with Maddison or if that is to big,Maddy.Thank you.

tomorrow72 said...

Love the snags! Good luck with quitting smoking. I am also quitting again and it sucks! May I get the last one with Tomorrow on it please?


cherry2sweet2eat said...

ciggerettes have hair remover chemicals in it im never touching one.

innxdoor said...

((((((((Hugs)))))) Quitting isn't easy, I smoked since I was 15 then finally quit when my grand daughter was born, she has some breathing problems. I was watching a religious tv show and right then and there I made a pledge to God to quit.....that was 13 years ago.
Good Luck ..your a better person getting rid of a bad habit.
:))) Doreen

inafrnz247 said...

I have also had such a relationship with nicotine, from the time I was very young.  I have quit, but then the stress just gets to me.  I never smoke around my kids, and I've gone weeks at a time, but just can't seem to completely let go.  I understand what you're going through, and wish you the best of luck.

May 2007 bring you peace, happiness and health all year through!

Beautiful graphics!  I snagged the pretty snow scene..  THANKS  ::smile::


redpoppy007 said...

u can do it, the patch is less harmful that the cigarettes.
call and check with your dr..
it will get easier..the first 3 weeks is the hardest.
Yes, they put stuff in cigarettes to make us crave them..
they should be illegal.
I was a heavy smoker, and have been smoke free for 5 yrs, you can do it too!

tendernoggle said...

Stopping cigarettes ........I am so proud of you!!!!! Soon, in a few weeks, you will be soooooo glad you did! Not only will you save money, but your lungs will clear out, your health will improve, you and  your clothes will smell good, and you will save a ton of money! I quit smoking years ago...before that, when my boss would tell me that she could smell the stuff on my clothes, I did not believe her! Two weeks after I quit, I went to get a blouse out of my closet and the smell hit me in the face...I washed everything washable that day! lol
I read a book from the library that said to wrap your cigarett pack in a piece of paper like a present and then wrap a rubber band around it. To have a cigarette, you had to snap the rubber band, unwrap the pack get one, and then re-wrap and put the rubber band back on. You were suppose to quit in 10 days...I did it in 3!!! And I was smoking 2-3 packs a day!
Good luck, God bless and prayers goibng up for your success.PLease don't give up...YOU CAN DO IT.
Love ya,

rdautumnsage said...

I have faith in you hon!!! I know it sucks , some moments of the day. Then others your saying what the hey it's not so bad. Today is officially day 19 for me. Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet. I've smoked since I was 16. My latest dr. appt said what it always does Great BP, wonderful heart beat. It's just a nasty habit. There are really no other excuses that fit the bill better. We'll talk each other through the nicotine cravings.... meanwhile as an extra measure you will be in my prayers on the smoke. Love Ya Indigo

astoriasand said...

I think ciggy smoking has become that unsociable now Chris it makes everyone hate them even the smokers themselves.I too am a smoker and gave up when I had to be hospitalized at one point in my life then started again.Like you I now find it so hard to give up.So my prayers are with you and I realy cannot say you can do it as I know myself how hard it is to stop.What I will say is if you are stopping altogether point blank. I think it is much worse on the mind this way.If I decide to give it a go this year it will be cutting down slowly until finally none a day.It is said you get lots of illnesses when you first stop.I hope you go well and with time things I am sure will improve.I felt like doing a  murder when I tried.I am alergic to most of the aids, so it is more difficult still without them.Take care God Bless.
Astoriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

jeadie05 said...

I do admire you ,wish  I had the will power ...love Jan xx

millieukgirl said...

You can do it!  Nicotine lasts in your body for 72 hours...then you're free of it...the cravings, sorry to say, last much longer!!! I quit 16 months ago...cold turkey..the http://www.iquit.com/ site helped me a lot - i really needed to understand what smoking was doing to my body! It helped.  It wasn't easy, never is but I did it and I'm so happy I did! Now, just got the tonnage of fat to lose now! lol Millie :))

hsauls said...

Just remember that no matter how physically difficult this is, the potential alternatives are much worse... read Pam's journal about lung cancer... think about the other outcomes... think about how much better you will feel when you break the addiction! I'm rooting for you and wish you all the best!

pharmolo said...

Keep at it, Chris - a few days or weeks of withdrawal symptoms are preferable to lung cancer and all that. Like the graphics!

xxroxymamaxx said...

These are all beautiful Chris!  I love mine. :)  Love and hugs and GBU, Shelly

midwestvintage said...

 It's been 2 and a half years since I quit cold turkey, you can do it.  I hear the new pill thats out to help you quit is really effective.  With cold turkey the worst of it is over in about 3 days.  Lots of water and vit C.  Good Luck


jaymact1 said...

I am 64 and quit with the  the 24 hour patches 3 years ago. I had very high blood pressure but the patches did not effect it badly. Look into it. It made it easy for me and I had been a heavy smoker for over 40 years. If I can be of any help you just have to ask.  LOve Joan.

onestrangecat said...

Deb just hit the 1 year mark of being smoke free.  She uses a web site that helps her some.  here's her journal;   http://journals.aol.com/dbaumgartner/MakingAHome/

I have never smoked, but from talking to people that have and that have quit they say the cold turkey works better than patches or anything else.

You have my prayers on this.  It will be hard but I know if you are ready you can do it.  Did you know Pamela (his1desire)?  Her journal is will help give you willpower.


jmoqueen said...

I feel for you coz I've been there and done it ~ it's never easy giving up smoking.  The first time I tried I was so depressed my ex took me out to buy some more!!  The second time I had split up with my bloke and started living on my own ~ I couldn't afford it anymore, plus I was scared about dying as my doctor had warned me about it!!  I still have the occassional one to be socialable but otherwise I don't!!  It's the best thing to do, you won't believe how much fitter you feel and how much your clothes don't smell etc...................Good luck *fingers crossed for you*


P.s can I have the one that says beautiful/spiritual/sublime tagged with Jenny please??  I love that one it's so pretty.  Thank you in advance xx


siennastarr said...

Oh, Chris.. I know how hard it is... I quit cold turkey 10 years ago, and because it was so difficult, I made of my mind I would never put myself through that again!

I will keep  you in my prayers, as always, but will say a special prayer that God helps you give up those darn things once and for all!  Sorry you're having such a hard time of it.

Hey.. is that third graphic supposed to have Shelly on it?  Just wonderin?

Hugs and love

fuzilady said...

good for you on the smoking thing, I haven't quit yet, but I want too.
I can't imagine what I will be like when I do decide, but dieting and quiting smoking just don't go hand in hand, so the diet is first on my list. YES, silly I know. I will definitely keep you in my prayers :P

hugs and love

aljes12 said...

Many prayers on the smoking, they say it IS as hard to kick as heroin. Hats off to you for making a go at it. I've been working on hubby to quit. Hubby promises by his 35th birthday he will have quit. So I'm trying to get him wanting to now. He's 31, lol.

- Jessica

gotomaria said...

Hi Chris!  I will keep you in my thoughts!  Good luck with quicking smoking!  You can do it!   I wish my husband was a strong as you!  He's given up even trying.  Hang in there...wish you all the best...hope your daughter stays in school but maybe a cheaper one makes more sense.....something to consider.   My daughter dropped her accounting class last year as a Sophomore due to problems with understanding the professor...she is also changed her major to Psychology...wants to work with troubled children or maybe go into forensic psychology....go figure.   Getting an education is a good thing....hope she doesn't get too discouraged!    Maybe the professor can work out a grant or something...you never know.....did you try applying at FAFSA for a student loan without your cosigning?   Maybe a counselor could help her......anyways good luck to you and her!  Maria

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

great job...love all the new tags...and look at that hair blowing in the wind...super!  I forgot I was gonna email you the other day and forgot..now I remember..will do it tomorrow...I am so twitter brained sometimes..lol..Hugs,TerryAnn

eyesbaerle said...

Still keeping you in my thoughts and send good vibes your way...... hope you will succeed.
Thanks for all the wonderful sharings. Your creations are outstanding.
May I have the tag one tagged with Maria, please? Thanks in advance! Hugs and nice evening, Maria